Oticon Xceed streaming problems

hey guys I am new here I am 33 years old and I use a iphone7+
I have a moderate to severe hearing loss and wear 2 oticon xceed’s

I listen to music and i use MFI so it streams it directly into the hearing aids.
I recently got an iphone apple watch series 6 so I can control the music from the watch and answer/hang up calls from my wrist!

well my issue is since i synced the watch to the iphone the streaming keeps breaking up and I think when i am on facetime the hearing aids start bugging out and just breaks connection or gets all distorted then just shuts off.

I rebooted phone by holding power and doing a power off and same thing happened.
I rebooted apple watch and same thing happened
I turned off apple watch and the music seems fine aside from a few glitches here and there.

now I think the culprit is the apple watch but any ideas how I can fix this so i can leave my apple watch on?

is there something i can do?
do i need to upgrade my phone?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

The watch is potentially sharing the ‘Body Area Network’/BLE5 signalling system, which the aids had exclusive access to previously.

However there’s also a wider issue with the signalling protocol having break-up issues since one of the recent iOS upgrades. There’s a whole thread on this if you search for it.

So, if your phone did an update about the same time as you installed the watch, you might find that it’s not specifically a watch issue.

hey thanks for your help!
I did update pretty much same time i got watch

so do i need to get a new phone?
what do i need to do?

It’s covered in this iirc.

What I gathered is 4.2.1 fix is only for the iphone 12 users since it uses a different blue tooth chip then other phones.

but i use iphone7+ does that mean theres no fix for me?
i currently have update 4.3

not sure what best thing i should do?

From reading here on the forum, some have had good luck by removing the app from the phone and watch along with un-pairing the aids from the phone and watch. Then start fresh by loading apps on devices and re-pairing aids.

Something to try.
Good luck.


I’m not sure this will work, but we’ve had some luck with people doing the following.

Shut the hearing aids off, not just standby but off.

Delete the app on the phone.

Delete the Bluetooth pairing in the Hearing Devices settings.

Turn off Bluetooth.

Turn off the phone.

Turn the phone on/restart Bluetooth.

Download and install your app.

Turn your HA on.

Go to the Hearing Devices menu in Settings.

Find/Pair the aids.

Pair the aids in the app.

This has been the best approach for dealing with hiccups caused by legacy pairings within the phone ‘competing’ with newer app/Bluetooth IOS issues. This aside, some iOS/phone combinations are known to have connection issues. So the only way to sort them is to roll back the current update at the point above where I say to do the reboot.

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thanks for help i’ll see what i can do!