Oticon Xceed SP and UP fitting range

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I have a pair of Oticon Dynamo SP8 - best of my hearing aids ever, after Oticon Chili SP9. I have had great hope than Oticon Xceed will be same or better in terms of power. But when I installed Oticon Genie 2019.2, I was frustrated and disappointed…

As I can see, both Xceed SP and Xceed UP have significantly lower power output than my Dynamo… Speech region by Xceed cannot reach my audiogram by soft sounds. Lowered “S” cannot reach my audiogram even in strongest position, even in Xceed UP.

So… are Oticon Xceed SP and Xceed UP REALLY weaker than my Dynamo???

Sorry, but all advices a-la Oticon rude, to “change into other brands”, or to “try” CI, will be ignored. Excuse me.audiogram dynamo%20Audiological%20view dynamo%20speech%20rescue Xceed%20SP%20audiological%20view Xceed%20SP%20Speech%20Rescue Xceed%20UP%20audiological%20view Xceed%20UP%20Speech%20Rescue

I now have some evidence that xceed (both sp and up) is weaker than dynamo (maybe only in case of my audiogram). Several professionals has confirmed this fact. So xceed is not a most powerful hearing aid.