Oticon VS Unitron

I posted this in the wrong section earlier, sorry. I can’t decide between Oticon Ino Pro and Unitron Latitude 8. Same price. Pros and Cons? I don’t have an audiogram to post. Mod. to severe high freq loss.

Hey Flatstick,

If you are basing your decision on sound quality alone, I prefer the sound of Oticon products myself, but they are both excellent hearing aids.

Hope that helps.

I’m not sure what sound quality sounds like. These would be my first HA’s. Hate to spend the big bucks if I don’t have to. Thought starting with a mid level aid would be a good place to start. I will see audi in a couple of weeks. Sometimes living in a small town sucks.

I know what you mean about big bucks and a new learning curve (wearing hearing aids). With moderate to severe loss, you are probably going to be surprised/shocked at all the new sounds.

I would make sure you understand all the policies and procedures for returning the hearing aids, just in case. Everybody has a different trial period and some charge a fee to take them back, but it’s all negotiable.

It will take a few sessions to get them adjusted just right so you want to make sure you get that done before the end of the trial.

About which one to get, I understand about not wanting to necessarily get the high end model when you are new to hearing aids but in 6 months you will not be new any more. Higher end models generally mean better hearing, in more situations. But mid-level models can certainly help you hear better.

Do you have a Costco nearby? Sam’s is also getting some hearing centers but I don’t know anything about Sam’s.

No Costco anywhere. I did find a great place to buy aids. Local state university hearing and communication center. Much less than local Audi, at least one third less.

The most important part of this adventure is finding a good, skilled professional who will work to get the aids adjusted best for you. Hopefully, you will be working with experienced professionals at the university and not just students who are still learning.

well, the person I talked with today was a second year grad student. I think they are worth a try. They give a thirty day trial with unlimited adjustments.

Flatstick - I am a professional musician and have worn HAs for about 6 years and am just now trialing a pair of Oticon Acto Pros. I had Sonic Ions before that. The difference in the tech is amazing. The Oticons sound pretty darn good and I am also trying the streamer with them. For TV listening it is really great, though I opted for using a cheap FM receiver/transmitter setup instead of bluetooth or direct wiring to the TV (there are postings on this forum regarding that, or if you want I can post the devices I am using – from amazon about $40 total).

The streamer is amazing for listening to cell phone calls in both ears, but so far the mic quality to folks on the other end of the call is pretty bad (I use it with an HTC Incredible on verizon). I also tried using skype on my computer with marginal results – my current headset is WAY better. I would not use streamer on cell phone for business calling. But listening to Podcasts from my phone over bluetooth, and as I mentioned watching movies on TV is perfect. No Stereo :frowning: and music is tinny, but for me the vast majority of what I listen to is dialog anyway.

My Audi is giving me 60 days trial no obligation, but you could even get that or more. Do not settle for 30 days. They seem they will always negotiate. I bought my first HA’s online from a place in colorado and saved about 50%, but fitting can be problematic and time consuming. Working with a good audi really helps and in my case it is probably worth somewhat of a markup in $$ for life time visits and help. You will be dealing with your hearing problem for the rest of your life… good to find a partner in that journey…

My Oticon Acto Pros are about $4K for the pair from the audi, and $200 more for the streamer. I also found Phonak Audeo V’s on line for about $3400 a pair which have same features but lots more channels (20 instead of 8). Unicom has some that are in the same ballpark that other have liked. My audi says he can get any brand (he is associated with Audigy group and prefers to sell their white label re brand of brand HA’s ), but has not given me a price yet…we have had the discussion from the first day about markup and I told him double internet market rate was a ripoff in my opinion ( my previous audi wanted 5K for my 3k ions…I walked after she would not budge on price)… But I would pay $500 per ear over market (since they get them wholesale anyway) for the support…


Also… be patient. Try whatever your patience will bear. These are expensive devices, and price does not always equal what works best for you. You have to give yourself time to adjust to any HA so what you hear on the first day will likely be as bad as it will be. Followup adjustments really do help even if they are minor. Find an Audi that is patient with you and don’t feel like you are putting them out if you go through several trial before settling on something…my 2 cents.

Thanks Ford, that’s the best/most direct advice yet. I also need the help with TV, don’t like talking on the cell phone much (also HTC Incredible). I will be fitted by an audi next friday. The only other one in this town won’t quote less than 5.5k for a pair of Oticons. Won’t say what model. No other options.
The University (1hour away) has quoted 3k for a pair of Acto Pro’s or Unitron Latitude 16’s. Don’t see how I can pass on that deal. I refuse to ever go back to 1st audi, will see about the 2nd. He only sells Unitron, so it will be interesting what he quotes.

Sounds like you live in a small town. With the way HA are priced it doesn’t surprise me that they are way higher than the University. I think it’s worth the drive to save $2,500 so long as the Audiologist knows what they are doing and you can work with them. I’m one of the people that uses a cable with the Streamer for TV and although I have a " tether" while watching it works great! Good luck!

Sounds like a really good deal on the Acto Pros – make sure you get 3 years warranty and 2 years accidental loss when you get them. I think the Unitrons can come comparable. Definitely try the streamer option (or equivalent). If you are not technically challenged, search for “DYI TV FM” in this forum and you can get all the info you need (i cannot seem to post direct link yet as I am new member…). It is really very easy. I can send you links to the devices I purchased on Amazon also if you need it. I can now listen to TV at really low volume or with room volume off with complete understandability and no head phones… pretty cool

Good luck

Thanks again, great advice. You too Seb.