Oticon volume buttons wear out within a year or so

My wife and I have both had 3 pairs of Oticons apiece and in all instances the volume buttons have ceased working and we’ve had to control the volume with our streamers. I’m wondering if our experience is an anomaly or if this is a known weakness in Oticons.
Thanks for any help.

Which Oticon HA models do you and your wife have?

My original Oticon Vigo Pros had volume/program button problems but once I got my Streamer the problem went away because I no longer used the “onboard” buttons.

A long time ago, with another company’s hearing aid, I found that the volume “pot” broke often. My audi suggested that when I wanted to turn it off at night, I open the battery compartment instead of turning off the volume “pot”. Because I was now using the volume “pot” far less, it never broke again.

I remember Alto and Neuro.

That’s a good tip. However the volume buttons not working was confirmed by our audi.