Oticon TV Connector Problems


Hi, I’m new to the forum and just got an Oticon TV Connector 3.0. My issues is trying to control the TV volume relative to the external mics on my OPN1s. In my case the Genie setting set by my Audiologist make the TV streaming to loud and the external mics sound to low such that I can’t hear anyone talking to me if I am using the TV Connector. I have change Programs in order to hear someone talking to me it the TV is on. I would like to do is just lower the TV sound or increase the external mics but it seems the moving the volume slider on the app moves both volumes in the same direction. How do you I control them independently?



You could ask your Audi to make changes to your default settings (first image below) to the settings that I prefer (second image below). you can click the images to enlarge;



I have just request that info from my audiologist. What bothers me is why can’t the user have control over this. If works that way when you are streaming music.



If you use the ON app you can control the volume for the TV streaming independently from your hearing aid volume or with the iPhone control panel you can adjust the TV volume for each aid. Now my TV connect shows as preset 4 instead of TV and there isn’t anyway to rename it



I don’t use the ON app, but I can just triple click on my home button to get to the MFI interface. If I select the TV Adapter program and it’s actually on streaming to the aids, there are 2 separate volume sliders. You can leave the mic volume slider alone and adjust the TV Adapter volume slider to turn it down.

If you have it set to the left most value like pvc showed in Genie 2, then you may be able to get by without having to keep on adjusting.

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I thank you for the triple button tip. That did allow me to quickly adjust the volume of the TV streaming independent of the mics using the reset volume slider. Which is helpful.
The buttons on the HA moves the sound of both the streaming and the mics together. Is this correct? The changes aren’t reflected in two sliders on the iPhone. The mic slider moves but the preset volume sider doesn’t move yet the actual volume changes on both the tv streaming and the mics. This is very confusing.



Indeed it is very confusing. It does behave like you said. The TV slider lets you adjust it independent of the mic slider, but the mic slider will adjust both the mic and the TV volume together in concert, And the buttons on the HA is basically the same as the mic slider on the MFI interface, so it behaves the same way, changes both mic and TV volume.

I usually mute the mic when I watch TV because I don’t care to hear the surrounding sound. This is the opposite of what you want to do. But I just want to mention it here to point out another peculiarity that relates to the confusing action above.

So here’s the thing: if you want to mute the mics when listening to the TV, the only real effective way to do this is to long press the buttons on the hearing aids until those mics are muted. If you try to achieve the same effect by sliding the mic volume slider to the left toward 0, that won’t give you the same effect, Why? Because as you know, sliding the mic slider to the left not only decrease the mic volume, but also decreases the TV volume. Same effect if you fast click on the HA buttons. Both mic volume and TV volume are decreased together.

So the best way to mute the mics is to long press on the HA buttons until the mics are muted, not to fast click it or slide the mic slider toward 0. And note that there is no Mute function on the MFI interface. So the only way and best way to mute the mics is via the HA button long press.

I find that for the TV Adapter, the volume is generally too loud and changing its default volume on Genie 2 to the lowest value helps somewhat. On the other hand, the Connect Clip volume tend to be not loud enough for my Samsung Note 8, so changing the Phone Default volume to the highest value also helps.

But don’t confuse the ConnectClip setting with the Phone setting in Genie 2. The ConnectClip setting there is for the Remote Mic portion of the ConnectClip, it’s not for the streaming volume of what’s connected to the ConnectClip. That part is still tied to the Phone setting. So whatever you have in the Phone volume setting in Genie 2 affects both your iPhone streaming volume, as well as your Android phone or laptop streaming volume which is connected to the ConnectClip.



Changing my hearing aid volume doesn’t change the TV volume, neither does the volume change using the connect clip, neither does it using the iPhone control panel. My TV volume is completely separate from my hearing aid volume



Must be due to differences between the ITE and miniRITE versions then.