Oticon TV Adapter Surround Sound help


Just received my Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 and I am having issues with getting sound to the HAs.

My set up is that I stream DirectTV Now from an Amazon Firestick that is connected to a Sony 5.2 receiver (STR-DH550). I have a HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV which is a Vizio E601i-A3. The HAs paired with no issue.

I tried connecting through the receiver first and could not get the optical or rca connections to stream. The light on the TV Adapter was red.

I then connected the TV adapter via optical cable to the TV and the lights indicate the optical cable is inserted and streaming (digital) . However there is no sound to the HAs. I have tried changing the audio setting on the TV from Dolby to PCM with no avail. When I turn up the volume just on the TV, there is no sound from the TV speakers.

I have to be missing a setting or something… Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



Try a long press (2 seconds/count one thousand one, one thousand two) on either hearing aid button to begin streaming. Short presses on hearing buttons control right=volume-up and left=volume-down. When you want to end streaming another long press on either hearing aid button will end streaming.



Fixed it!!! There was a setting on the receiver that was AMP Only and one for TV + AMP. Once I went to TV + AMP everything worked great!!!