Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 makes me crazy


I have a problem that is bothering my life.

  1. I have 2 Oticon Opn Mrite devices and Oticon TV adapter 3.0.

  2. About 2 months ago the devices started disconnecting and then reconnecting from the TV adapter (even though I have been using it without problems since…2017).

  3. I tried many things without success:

  • unpairing/repairing

  • replacement of Oticon TV adapter 3.0 with a new one, replaced all cables etc.

  • TV firmware reset

  • test on the audio output of my PC: same problem

  • TV sound at maximum (in case the Oticon adapter deactivates below a certain threshold)

  • Change of wifi network of all my installation (5Ghz to 2.4 Ghz)

What I notice is that I have difficulties when pairing the devices (the tv adapter turns red and turns off then turns back on several times sometimes).

I connect with classic RCA audio cables, the Toslink does not seem to work on my 2 Oticon TV adapters.

I only see a problem with the firmware of the devices / TV adapter…?

Can you help me with this issue ?

It could be that your hearing aids have issues and maybe it s time for replacement or repairs. It could be as simple as seeing an audiologist or DIY the aids your self and clean all connected devices to the aids and pair again. But from what you have said it sure does seem to point to he aids.

You should try to clear the pairing of the OPN aids from the TV Adapter in Genie 2. If you’re not a DIY, then your HCP can do it for you. Have him/her go to the End Fitting menu (as seen in the screenshot below). In the example below, I have 1 TV Adapter paired to my OPN 1 (at the very bottom, it says “TV Adapter / EduMic paired 1”. You can also see that in the TV ADAPTER / EDUMIC picture on the top selection tab, there is a 1 on it, indicating that the OPN is paired with 1 TV Adapter (or EduMic).

If you hover the mouse above this pictured selection tab, a trash can will appear at the bottom right of the picture. Click on it to clear the pairing.

It’s not guarantee that it’ll solve the problem for you, but if it hasn’t been done, it should be done as 1 of the steps to help you start out with a clean slate. It’s possible that the pairing in the OPN to the TV Adapter got corrupted somehow. The unpairing/repairing you tried pertains to the TV Adapter and is done on the TV Adapter. Technically it should do the trick in theory. But if it doesn’t, clearing out the pairing of the OPN to the TV Adapter hopefully will make a cleaner un-pairing than doing it via the TV Adapter only.

Thank you very much Volusiano.

Do you know where I can download an old version of Genie 2 ? I tried on the official Oticon website and I need to provide login/pw, I suppose that I canoot register myself ?

I started to investigate on the forum and unfortunately PVC dropbox directory was removed :frowning:

Please go to the DIY section of this forum and look through the threads. There are several threads looking for the Genie 2 software download and there will be folks who will be nice enough to help you out there. The latest version of Genie 2 supports the OPN just fine. It’s better to download the latest version of Genie 2 instead of an older version. If you want to DIY and be able to connect to your OPN to clear the pairing (and do many other things) yourself, you’ll also have to purchase a NoahLink Wireless interface from eBay or Amazon as well. I’d suggest you try to get Genie 2 up and running first before investing in the NoahLink Wireless, just to make sure that your Windows PC meets all the Genie 2 installation requirements.


I finally solved the issue with my audio. He susprected a connection issue and he was right.

My Toslink was not functioning, I replaced it and now everything is OK.

I have used RCA for years, they worked perfectfully but suddenly the do not work anymore. Strange.

Can I ask how he knew toslink was faulty?

The RCA was faulty, that’s what he suspected.
Additionally my Toslink was faulty. I could not test it because I had only one.

I think that I noticed when the Toslink does not work there is not more light on both sides when it is plugged (to be confirmed)