Oticon Transient Noise Management

Could someone please explain Transient Noise Management? I have the xceed 1 up. Had these for 2 years still not happy with them. Having a hard time picking up a conversation right away and understanding males voices that are deep.

That’s simply a feature to manage/dampen sudden loud sounds. It’s the old solution for previous Oticon models until the Real introduces the Sudden Sound Stabilizer as an improved way to manage sudden sounds. Some examples of sudden sounds are like firecracker, tennis ball popping, guns going off, clanging dishes, car or motorcycle exhaust pipe backfiring, etc.

This TNM feature would not be helpful with your issue with understanding deep male voices.

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Thanks. When l hear loud sounds it feel like flat and dull.

Yeah, if you have TNM enabled, that’s the effect on the loud sounds → flat and dull.

Thanks again. Should set to high or off.