Oticon Synergy Spirit MiniBTE - NHS Supplied - Specifications

I have the above devices, supplied by the local hospital audiology department.

Does anyone have information on the equivalent privately purchased Oticon device.

I’m looking to purchase privately, but need to know specifications so I don’t duplicate what I already have i.e. I purchase something that is clearly better/newer generation.

It looks very much like an Alta Pro MiniBTE, but obviously that’s just the case design.

I’ve attached a photo of my devices.

I asked this question on a UK forum in around 2015. The answer I got from an audiologist was it was roughly equivalent to the mid range Oticon at that time, which was an Oticon Nera or Nera2 Pro.

I think the Nera2 Pro may still be for sale in their current line but if you get an OPN 1, 2 or 3 then I think those hearing aids will be superior to the spirit synergy.

Thanks for your input.

So, on balance, they’re fairly decent in the scheme of things.

Can’t really knock the NHS… It’s a shame that it’s not possible to pay the NHS to supply a model of your own choosing.

I want an in-ear model due to sports and wearing a motorcycle helmet. Tried the Lyric but it didn’t suit me.

Thanks again.