Oticon Syncro or Phonak Savia?

This is my first post.

I just had my first appointment with an audiologist to discuss a hearing aid. I have a 60dB conductive hearing loss due to otosclerosis. The audi recommended either an Oticon Syncro or a Phonak Savia BTE device. She leaned toward the Syncro because the automatic program switching works better and the because the Syncro does a better job at dynamically adapting to different levels of noise.

There is a lot of detailed information about the Savia on the Phonak website, but virtually nothing on the Oticon website so I’m at somewhat of a loss when it comes to comparing the features of these devices with respect to each other, as well as other devices from Oticon and Phonak.

Anyone have advice about this for person who is new to hearing aid technology? Should I be looking at the Savia Art or alternatively some other type of Oticon?

Have you seen this page?

Click on the plusses under “Artificial intelligence” to the left to know more about the features.

I like Syncro very much if you want a premium product. But I might be biased because I’ve never tried Savia. Oticon also has a new product Epoq. What matters is also that the audiologist is familiar with the product and know how to program it after your needs as good as possible. Good luck!:slight_smile:

Kind regards Sarah