Oticon Streamer Update

I just got a new streamer but the firmware is still at version 1.2. Is it possible for me to update to 1.3 by myself or must I have the audiologist do it?

I suppose it’s not as easy as updating my iPhone, although it should be.

Has to be taken in, they haven’t caught up with Modern Technology, can’t go to their website and click on a download, can’t adjust your own programming due to lack of software that’s not provided, why do I want to drive 220 miles round trip to have my programs adjusted ! I just got a new agil pro and is was not updated to 1.3 either, go figure that one out, have to drive back, just to have it updated, they advertise the new AGIL PRO as having the 1.3 Streamer, then when they deliver it’s same streamer with old 1.2. Sound’s like the right and the left don’t communicate, not only that but, this new modern high tech DIGITAL HEARING DEVICE, only works on ANALOG PHONE LINES, guess they don’t Time Warner Digital or Verizon Fiber Optic service in Europe, another example of ignoring the needs of the largest market in the world by yet another European Company. It’s about time they figured out that the American market is a lot more demanding than the European market, I’ve dealt with them for 30 years and their
is a big difference in the two.

The connectline phone device does work with the Time Warner phone service. I have TW phone, digital cable & RoadRunner and the phone device works great.

HOWEVER, for the office phone they had to switch my phone and phone line to analog. There must be some difference in how commercial/office phone systems work. But TW digital home phone works great.

How is the sound quality on the Agil Pro?

Is Starkey providing an alternative home-spun solution then? If you import your technology, you have to accept that there will be different applicable standards elsewhere in the world.

You might also find that the EU as a trading block is now about 400 million people.

It’s not a digital vs analogue issue. Lots of office systems use either proprietary switching or voice over IP systems: the Bluetooth streamer couldn’t be expected to dial into the plethora of different systems - it’s just not that complex.


I have oticon streamer 1.2 and i cant pair it in windows 7 like phone with skype.
Can audio update streamer to 1.3 in his office or it must be sent to oticon?

What exactly 1.3 bring?

1.3 can be upgrade in your dispenser office. Genie 2010 has an option for it.
BE AWARE, it takes 20+ minutes and it does erase all your previous pairs.
I believe 1.3 brings better stability for smart phones…

It not a problem, its easy to pair.
I will see if it solves my nokia 5800 reconnecting and asking to pair again and pc inconsistency with skype (connect but no sound or mic working)…

when Oticon ships the streamer it ships with Streamer 1.2 it is the dispenser who has to
upgraded via software. So itis your dispenser responsability

Ok, i barely get he to update it. He told me that he have Oticon put remark to not update it unless there is absolutely need of it. And he did it only on my insist request.
Play - pause music button is nice adition to playing music on cell. No need to put out cell, remove it from protective case, unlock it and touch play music because someone asked you something on street.

and also slightly better voice quality (much clearer, said people on other side)…

But no go under PC. Streaming sound via BT work, but if in skype settings i use streamer mic and mono speaker it connect and mute my aid, but no sound and mic dont work… It not light green to answer it…
We need a driver!

Now, it doesnt ask to connect and code now and then like before on my cell, but i need more time to find out that…

Its definitely more stable connection and sound much better on my side and other too.
So i recommended to all user with old firmware to upgrade it to latest…

I had my audi upgrade me to 1.3 today. Thanks for the warning about the 20 minute wait. I haven’t taken a call to test it but the streaming music from a corded mp3 player seems about the same. I’ll be glad if the phone reception is more stable though, having one ear cut out midstream is quite annoying.

i’m going to try to pair it to my bluetooth enabled laptop next. I’ll let you know if I make any headway with Skype or the like.

I can only find a 1.2 version of the streamer on the Oticon website. I just bought one last week and it is a 1.2 version.
Can some one show a link to where it says there is a 1.3 version? I’m confused!


This update takes 20 minutes and has to be done through your audiologist. The update is not available for download. It ships out with version 1.2 installed, and your audiologist should update it.

I’ve been using the Oticon streamer for a few weeks and somehow put a kink in the cable I was using to connect it to an ipod. so now the cable doesn’t work unless i hold it -just so-. I’m using it with bluetooth now from my phone but notice the music streaming is at a lower volume and a lower quality (Bluetooth has less bandwidth I’d expect)

Is this cord by any chance some kind of standard cord or do I need to go through Oticon to get a new one? They’re closed till the new year too.

standart cord… you can get it @ radio shack

I have found the sound quality very natural…and I like that you do not have to adjust the Oticon Agil Pro, only rarely. It’s automatic and as for telephones, the t-coil type system is flawless.

Thanks, When I saw this I went hunting and found one yesterday. In case anyone else ever has this problem the replacement is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm male to male stereo cable.