Oticon streamer problem

my oticon streamer 1.4 is paired & connected both to my cell phone for (audio & media) & my to landline for audio. However when I connect to my desktop (bluetooth enabled by USB dongle) I lose connection to land phone & my cell phone is only connected to audio. Is there a way that it would remain connected to land phone at the same time it is connected to desktop?

I was told you have to use the cable that came with the Streamer.

No that is incorrect. the streamer should connect with a bluetooth enabled PC. In fact I can connect - my problem is how do i remain connected to my land phone at the same time.

I do not know about the streamer specifically, but I believe many Bluetooth devices can only connect to one device at a time.

There are quite a few blue tooth profiles (e.g., headset, file transfer, file manager etc) that have different capabilities. I suspect, as prodigyplace alludes, you have probably come to the limit of the connections that are possible to one device. AFAIKā€¦

Let me correct what I meant to say, I was told to use the cable with my Mini Mac since the Bluetooth is not reliable on the Mac and cuts in and out. What my Audi told me was to use the cable and the problem with the computer and telephones would be solved and they have.