Oticon Streamer problem

I have a problem in using my mobile phone with Streamer 1.2.

When the phone is connected, and the phone beeps, Streamer/Agils get into the following mess of signaling:

The Streamer shuts of the mics, each hearing aid gives 2 beeps (but not at the same time) mics on again, it lets hear the sound of the phone (which is way past now), mics off, one beep for every aid, mics on again.

It does the same thing for every mail I get on my phone and every alarm.

So, this an unusable situation. I have the bluetooth connecton with my phone turned off now. I turn it on again when I know I will have a long call.

I talked to my Audicien, and she talked to Oticon, but there is nothing that can be done, because the phone is a Nokia.

I believe the core problem is that my Nokia phone recognizes the streamer as a “Headphone with mic” instead of a real mheadset or car kit.

The phone works ok with my car kit and Nokia headset, with no unneccesary beeps.

Does anyone have the same problem and/or solution?

I have had Oticon Agil devices for about one year. I also got the Streamer with them. Until now, I had a Blackberry Bold smartphone and never had interface issues. I recently replaced the phone with an HTC Inspire 4G which runs on android 2.2 technology. I now have a real interface issue. When paired and connected the Streamer does not fully engage on INCOMING CALLS. Outbound calls are working okay. One observation is that the connection between the Streamer and phone connects for “Phone audio AND Media Audio” I don’t know if this is the problem or if it is something else.


I do think our problems are related and the issue is that the Streamer identifies itself not as a headset or carkit but as a headphone.
Perhaps also the streamer pushes the hearing aids into a music program, the humming sound of my laptop gets louder when there is a connection with the phone.
I do not have any problems in engaging on incoming calls. But I do have in issue, sometimes, to close the connection (by pressing the bluetooth button a few seconds), it takes some time to close the connection or it doesn’t close it at all.

With many bluetooth devices you see impecfect implementations of the bluetooth protocol. Oticon seems to be a very good example of this.

Thats a very bad thing when you pay more than € 4000 it.

Petervdp, thank you for your comment. It’s very frustrating when something like this happens and you have spent so much $$$ to have the best! One thought for your problem…Before I updated the Streamer to 1.3, I was getting audible clicks / tones / etc. for text msg and emails and other stuff. It seemed like any time the phone had activity unrelated to a phone call the devices were picking up a signal. The updated firmware seems to have stopped that. So, if you haven’t done that I would suggest you try. Good luck!

Now that I read this post by you, I am certain that we are having a very similar issue. Update the streamer and those tones will be no more!!!

ah thanks!

I suggested this to my Audicien, but she said Oticon said, a firmware update is not necessary.
I will push on on this.

Hi PeterDVP, I had the same clicks when I first used Streamer with my Nokia. Otucon suggestede I turn off the Audiable Beeps on the Nokia (settings), and this fixed things. Hope that might work for you too.

Well, I did turn of all the beeps, helps for some but not all.
Nevertheless, I do want to hear when my phone wants to tell me something (you have new mail, next meeting will start in 15 minutes). But without all the extra Streamer signalling beeps and mic turning off.

It might be that the 1.3 firmware version handles this better.

What icon does your Nokia show in the top-bar (when it is connected to the Streamer) ?
A headphone? or something else ?