Oticon Streamer Pro stuck on/off button


This is the second Oticon Streamer Pro I own that ends up with a stuck (non functional) on/off button.

Right now it’s stuck turned on (I can’t turn it off as the on/off button is rendered non-functional) for an overnight session in my dehumidifier. If it will turn off due to battery drain I’ll have to have it serviced and/or replaced.

Anyone else having similar experiences?

Any insights as to why this happens?

I went through this several years ago. I’ll spare you a long story and get right to the point.

The button is made of cheap plastic and the part of it that actually depresses the internal switch has broken. My makeshift solution was to open the unit up, remove the button and put it back together. Then I had to use something else to reach through the hole and depress the switch to turn it on/off.

It was a cludge, but it worked ok for me.

My first one lasted around 3 years before an accident involving seawater and an unintentional dive to it happened. ^^

I ordered another one past December which after 6 months of use started that very same problem (power button stuck and not working).

I was inside guarantee so I had a replacement one which after 7 months too now has the same problem (power button stick and not working).

Before I check whether I’m eligible to have it replaced/repaired I was too considering voiding its warranty and trying to fix it myself. I have fixed a lot of flashlights with broken on/off buttons but I need to some sort of verification about that button’s nature.

Here are some pictures before completely disassembling it, I won’t void its warranty before I see all of my options.

So, @TexasBob do you remember at all how did you reach that button?

Only vaguely. I had to remove the screws to get the case halves apart. There is at least one screw hiding under than long skinny label.

You got it TexasBob, works like a charm (with a small screw driver for on/off.