Oticon Streamer Pro - question

Does anyone know if you need to wear the Oticon Streamer Pro around your neck for it to work?

I just read on their manual that you can use it without the neck loop but it uses more power and may experience more drop-outs in sounds. So now I would like to ask for all you Oticon users. Have you every used the streamer without the loop and how does it work for you?

I’ve used the old Streamer without the loop but it works better with it. I have used it with the loop on the Streamer and it all placed in my shirt pocket and the drop outs are basically not there as long as the Streamer is within about 20" of the HA’s. I only do this when using the TV adapter though because when trying it with the phone you can’t be heard to well with the Streamer in your pocket.

Thanks Seb. What I was hoping to do is carry the streamer pro in my pocket like a cell phone and if a call comes in, I would take it out of my pocket talk directly into the mic. My concern was will I hear the phone ringing through my HA if it’s in my pocket and will there be a lot of dropped signals during the call if I have it within 20" on my HA.

When I called Oticon, they told me you could use it without the loop but you could not stream without the loop. I think that may be the case with the streamer 1.4 but I don’t think that’s true with the streamer pro. From what you are saying, it sounds like that is not true.

So how do you rate the streamer in general?

I like it, it does everything it’s supposed to do. I have the 1.4 version and I usually wear it around my neck. When I’m using it to watch TV I lay it along side me or next to me and it works great. What price is your audi quoting on the new Streamer Pro? I’ve seen them on Ebay for $229.

I am just in the early stages of researching what’s out there. I am currently trying the Starkey 3-series and like them very much but I am getting to much feedback and probably wont keep them. I think the Starkey HA is not powerful enough which is why I am looking at the Oticon Chili. If I end up going with Oticon, I’ll let you know what the price is for the streamer pro.

I just got a new Streamer Pro for my Oticon hearing aids, and despite what it says in their instruction manual it does NOT work for me without the neck loop. For the upgraded Pro model, sound cuts out completely if I take the neck loop more than about 6 inches away from the hearing aids (the instructions say it works up to a meter). The old basic Oticon streamer model worked fine without wearing the loop as long as the streamer loop was within about 3 feet of my hearing aids in a pocket or on a belt. This is a huge disappointment for me since 95% of my use is when I am actively exercising or cooking and washing dishes or running around making it impossible to wear the neck loop without big problems. The new model has some important new electronic bells and whistles, but it’s useless for me if it’s a hassle to wear. I will not buy Oticon hearing aids again if they can’t fix this. My audiologist called Oticon tech today and the person I got claimed – contrary to the instruction manual – it needs to be worn with neck loop, though the Oticon person suggested some people can get it to work in a pocket. I already sent back one defective Streamer Pro so I don’t know what the problem could be other than this does not seem to be well designed with active users in mind.

The manual I have read basically says, “the best possible sound and longest streaming time, the streamer should always be worn with one of the included neck loops.” It also says “that the streamer can be used without the neck loop and kept in the pocket or used with the optional belt clip, but when used without the neck loop the battery life will be reduced to 5 hours.” I have the older 1.4 Streamer and have no problem using the neck loop, when it is in the way I just drop it inside my shirt or breast pocket and only pull it out when answering a call or using it for some other function. It seams that any time one of the HA manufacturers come out with a new streaming device they end up having problems with it and in a while come out with a software fix to solve the problems, ie. Oticon 1.2 to 1.4 software change and look at all the problems Starkey has had with their Surflink.

I have the streamer pro and i get phone alerts when it is in my pocket. the most important thing is you have to disconnect the neck loop cable from one or both ends to be able to use it from distance.