Oticon streamer pro question about new hearing aids

I have a streamer pro 1.3 that was connected to my previous Oticon hearing aids.
I’ve just got some new hearing aids- Opn Minirite-Ts
Can I connect these to my streamer instead of the old ones?
Do I need to get my audiologist to do it?

No, because of Opn has built in Bluetooth yet (and ConnectClip as new streamer).

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No. Streamer Pro is not compatible with the OPN’s. You do have direct streaming ( no streamer to wear) from MFI Apple iPhone, iPad and the Oticon TV adapter made for the OPN’s. If you use Android, you will need the Connect Clip - the streamer for OPN’s.
The direct streaming from the MFI Apple products is very reliable and so much easier than the Streamer Pro.

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You got your answers here - and I am just confirming, as I also have the StreamerPro with my old Oticon Alta Pro aids. When I bought the Opn miniRITE aids 2 yrs ago, I was told the ConnectClip would be out shortly. Long story short: the old StreamerPro was NOT compatible with the miniRITE aids, and I gave up waiting for the ConnectClip.

While you now have two options for streaming your phone calls (via Apple iPhone app OR the physical ConnectClip device for Android phones) SAVE your old Oticons and StreamerPro device!!! These will be an excellent backup for travel & home use.

I always travel with my new aids PLUS the old Oticons & Streamer Pro. O’course I’m deaf as a doorknob and have NO options if one of my sets of aids stops working.

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Thanks. Yes I intend to save my previous hearing aids and the streamer pro for the same reasons as you.
I will get the Connect Clip too as I prefer ‘hands free’ on the iphone. And also it can be used as a remote mike which will come in useful to me at important rehearsals with my choir when our director often spends a lot of time explaining various scores and I can’t hear him properly, even with hearing aids, as people mutter to each other around me and of course that camourflages what he is saying quite often :slight_smile:

I was advised to keep the Streamer Pro charged (plugged in to outlet) even though it is not in use. This was/is my habit on both Streamers - original and Pro - since battery life is horrible on them both. Hopefully, I will never have to use them again. I also always have a back up pair with me.

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That’s exactly what I do! Keep the Streamer Pro charged up in its cradle unless/until it’s in use or put in a case when I travel. I have used that device MANY a time in a pinch, and am very glad I have my backups.

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That is COOL that the ConnectClip can be used as a remote mic - I didn’t know it had that capabiity! I have no such option (that I know of) with my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids.

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It is a dedicated remote Mic with the Phonak. Then there is the whole Phonak Roger ecosystem. Phonak has much more connectivity options than any other brand.

You realize that the Roger system can be used with more than just Phonak’s aids? As far as accessories within a line…Resound has extensive set of accessories…plus their aids can be set up with the Roger system if you get the receiver boot. Or…barring that…their multi-mic will accept the roger euro pin receiver…and plug into that system.

Seriously…go to ReSound’s website and look.

Here is Phonaks roger receiver that will work with ReSound’s mult-mic to allow integration with the roger systems