Oticon Streamer 1.4 Tips

Hello Streamer Users.

I recently upgraded to OS 10.9.4 on my Mac, and I lost all capability to use the streamer.

I contacted Oticon, and it turns out there are user capabilities of the streamer that are not very clear in the user manual.

When connecting to a iPhone or Mac, you must press the ‘music’ button for 2 seconds. I used to tap the ‘music’ button, and it turns out that tapping tells the streamer to search for a ‘music box’ or ‘stereo’. The 2 second hold tells the streamer to search for computer like devices.

If there are other tricks, please post them here!

-Jonathan R. Buzan

Can someone clear up my confusion. I have a streamer pro 1.2 (and a Connectline TV) and Oticon Mini Rite. I have the latest Mini Ipad but no Iphone. The instruction booklets I got were for the “Streamer Pro 1.2 App,” “Getting Started Streamer Pro,” and “Connect line TV 2.0.” What is the difference between the Streamer Pro 1.2 and Streamer 1.4? I have read somewhere in this forum that the Streamer Pro 1.2 is only mono. I can’t be sure by listening because it was set up so bad and I must go back in several weeks to the VA for fixing or something. Is there a way to set it to stereo if I am getting mono.

I cannot download the Connectline App from the App Store on my Ipad. Each time I get a no results message. Am I doing something wrong?

Finally you say you contacted Oticon. I can’t find any phone number for customer service in the USA.

The Streamer 1.4 was Oticon’s first-generation product, which was replaced by the Streamer Pro in January 2013. The Streamer Pro 1.2 App came out this past April and supports the iPhone app. All of Oticon’s streamers are mono.