Oticon Spirit Zest BTE Batteries

I have recently been fitted with a single Oticon Spirit Zest BTE aid which the manual says should take size 13 or 312 batteries. I have just had to replace the original 13 battery and thought that I would try a 312 as I have a pack spare. However, the 312 would not work and I had to fit another 13 battery.

Can anyone tell me why the 312 will not work. Could it be something to do with the size and not making electrical contact? I don’t want to get involved in opening up the aid to bend the contacts.

All advice gratefully received.

There are several different models of Spirit Zest aids. The smaller aids take the 312 battery while the larger ones (e.g. the Power version) take 13 batteries. You can only use one type of battery in each particular model.

Hope this clears things up.

Many thanks for that Lily, now I know!