Oticon Spirit Zest are they any good

Hi, on day 3 of wearing HA for the first time, I was issued with spirit zest by the NHS but finding it so hard. Day 1 was horrendous, noise overload. Im having a lot of trouble using the telephone, cant seem to get the phone in the right position, without it whistling all the time, ended up having to take it out so I could have a conversation without it.

Im going to try to carry on and see how it goes, but in the back of my mind I thinking that maybe i should invest in a private earing aid. Because this just sounds so loud and Lots of background noise, its awful out doors in noisy places. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Judy, I’ve been issued with the same HAs & know what you mean, apparrently it takes 4 weeks for your brain to become trained to hearing with them. After 4 weeks go back to your hospital & request for them to be adjusted, i’ve got an appointment tomorrow to get mine done because i want the programs turned on to use the volume control & telecoil(which might help your phone problem). I nearly had a row with the bloke who fitted my HA because I told him they were to loud but basically I was told that was how they were set to start with but they had better be a bit more helpful tomorrow otherwise I won’t be happy. 1 thing they declinded to tell me was I was entitled to a Disabled Railcard just for having HA & if you’ve got more than 70DB hearing loss totally(35 in each ear) you can get a free bus pass as well. I hope this info is of some use & i’ll let you know how i get on tomorrow. tc rob

Hi thank for the post, yeah id be very interested to know how you get on, are yours NHS. Looking at the booklet I was given the telecoil is suppose to be on, but Ive read that it only works with corded phones, so maybe i have to change phones. what are the other programmes apart from the volumme, and if the volumme is down, do you lose the clarity of voices…Im managing ok at home and in the office, but went to manchester at the weekend and it was terrible, had to take it out. I couldnt stand the background noise of shops. I cant see why if the HA have four programmes, they set them with only 2 working… I dont know what my hearing results are, I knew I was missing low tones, when people talk, and this was getting embarrassing in meetings. So decided to get them checked. He told me I was missing low, but also some high frequences too. can you ask for a print out of your results? I opted just for 1 aid, but was told i could have 2, because lost in both ears, but my vanity, got in the way…lol…but interesting about the bus and train passes ty

Oticons are pretty good, I got my 1st Oticons in 05 and hated it during my freshman and sophmore year so I switched over to the new generation that the brand has out which runs fantastic and hadn’t had any issues with them :slight_smile: (except for the buzzing when I’m near one of those detectors at stores lol)

Thanks for the reply…so what brand of oticon are you on now, and what features are better with this one…

You can only get a bus pass, if you hearing loss is 70db or more in both ears, not 35db.
Reason for 70db is that is the start of severe so basically everyone who is severe or profound can get one.