Oticon programming


I recently bought some Oticon opn minirite aids off of eBay.
They’re closely programmed to my needs but I’d like to find someone to fine tune them.
My local hearing aid store wants 750 per ear to program them.
Where can I go where I won’t get ripped off?



Check out the DIY section on this forum and invest in the programming hardware and do your own programming. That’s the best way to not get ripped off.

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A university that has an Audiology Department may be of help. $750.00 per ear is awful steep!



I am not sure if this eBay seller would help you but it is sure worth asking. He was absolutely the best with me recently. His eBay name is meds4.2

Do you have more hearing aid clinics in your area to ask?

Self programming is great but it is not for everyone.




I’m trying to muster the hardware to connect to my Oticon Alta2 Pro Ti hearing aids. I’ve ordered flex cables and cs44 cables and now need a USB mini-pro to complete the set.

Software is available for Windows 10 from the Oticon website. It’s big (over 4 GiB) but installs without much fanfare.

Happy to share the experiences. I’m a retired electrical engineer that lived in a world of digital signal processing for military stuff, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to figure out their homegrown terminology and tweak the settings to me benefit.

Dan Martin



Thank you for your responses.
I am very proficient with electronics and a hard core DIYer.
I’m not able to identify or locate the equipment needed to program my ears.
Any help there would be appreciated.




Did you check out the DIY section of this forum? There is a wealth of information on how to obtain both hardware and software to self program there. Go there and ask questions and the folks who frequent there will help you out.



Thats highway robbery! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: