Oticon Ponto 4


Not sure if anyone can help, was clearing some items from a a relatives possesions and have come across this item, it says Oticon Ponto 4 it seems Brand New and Unused, im wondering if anyone can tell me if this is worth selling, is it something that can be sold or is is idividual to the owner ? (as the owner is not longer with us and looks like they have never used the item).

Any help or advice would be appreciated, thankyou in advance.

Hi Barry, yes it can be sold but not sure if many people would want to buy one as you can get them for free though the hospital, but someone might need a back up providing the price is right. If your planning on selling it let me know as I know someone who has one and might be interested.


Thx for the reply yes we still have it and would like to sell it unsure of what it’s worth like I said it’s brand new with everything so please let me know thx :+1:t3: