Oticon Ponto 3 newbie questions!


When walking forward slowly does yours pick air flows even when indoor without any winds? I borrowed a Super Power demo/trial yesterday. I was told by Oticon people that this was normal. The Oticon audiologist said he could lower the audio to sarcifice, but I would hear less. :frowning:

Coclear Baha 5 demo/trial didn’t have this problem. I cannot reproduce this when I walk side ways and backward. Covering the two mic phone with papers help very little.

I hope someone else can confirm this.

I have a little wind noise indoors with my Phonaks.

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But that’s not a BAHA.

Where is the microphone?

https://www.oticonmedical.com/uk/-/media/Medical/main/images/BAHS/Solutions/Sound-processor/Text-images/960x600-BAHS-Solutions-Sound-processors-Ponto3-SuperPower-360.png (see the two tiny holes on the right image)

Gotcha. I thought the microphones were in about the same place as a BTE.

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