Oticon Own 1

Does anyone here wear the Oticon Own hearing aids ?
What is the opinion on them ?

My husband is needing hearing aids and right this moment is trialing the Oticon Real 1.
He is not too comfortable with them. He doesn’t like the wire and receiver in the ear. He also doesn’t like the hearing aid sitting on his ear. He is very new at this.
I was looking at the Oticon Own 1 and it appears to me it is very similar to the Real 1 except for a few features.
I was curious to how others feel about them.
I do not have his audiogram. Forgot to get a copy.
Thanx in advanced for any info you can lend me.

I’d be slightly surprised if the Own (and the Real) had enough output to do the job.

He’s surely in need of some Ultra Power aids. That said, if he’s getting an improvement with the Real, I’d take that as a huge win.

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Hi Um_Bongo,
The audiogram you are looking at is mine, not my husbands.
I forgot to get a copy of his audiogram, so I couldn’t post it.
His loss is mild to moderate. He just doesn’t like the bte rite, but I cannot find and reviews on the Oticon Own.
Hoping someone here Has them and give some insight.

Thank You

Hi Laura,

Hope this attachment is helpful - Oticon Own specification.

250021us-oticon-own-itc-ite-hs-and-fs-technical-data-sheet.pdf (892.3 KB)

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I looked at the OWN, but decided to go with the More instead. The Own seemed very big, and I did not like the antenna that sticks out - , and I found it very strange to have an antenna sticking out of your ear like that. I was used to ITC hearing aids, but my previous ones were older and smaller. My audi talked me into trialing the Mores (i had never tried anything other than ITC before) and I liked them so much I never bothered with the OWN.

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I’m mild to moderate. I wasn’t fond of the BTE thing either but since no one could see them I just got used it. That said, I don’t wear them all the time, as my hearing isn’t that bad.

I’m very happy to hear mention of Oticon Own. Mine will not arrive until June 20, a long wait. I’m getting the ITE HA and wondering why he doesn’t try those instead of BTE. Also wondering why I have such a long wait for these as I/ve never before waitied more than 2 weeks for new HA.

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Fair enough: we’ve fitted a few of them.

If he’s committed to an ITE, they’re pretty good. I assume there’s enough room for venting.

I like the 312 Directional ITC version.

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You don’t have to have the “antenna” sticking out. I removed mine. It’s not an antenna, it’s just a grab string to pull the aids out.

Also I have the More 1 (almost the same as the real 1) and the Own 1. I think if he likes the SOUND of the Real 1, he’ll be happy with the Own.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I wanted the ability to adjust volume, etc from my phone. In order to have connectivity, I was told that the antenna can not be removed, and it was too thick to bend to make it less noticeable. I was told that the antenna was not required if I was happy to have a model without connectivity. However that is what I had previously, and I wanted to be able to make adjustments from my phone this time.

Unless this has changed? @cjj777 Are you saying you have a model of the own that can stream to your phone that does not have any antenna?

YES! I am saying my Own 1 does not have an antenna. IT IS NOT AN ANTENNA, it is simply a monofilament string to grab onto and pull the aid out. They remove them all the time. Your HCP is very uninformed if they think it’s an antenna. The antenna for the wireless is inside of the aid.

Mine works very well with wireless and no “antenna”

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That’s interesting. The ones I saw definitely had an antenna - my previous ones had a ‘grab string’ and this was not the same thing at all. This was much thicker than the string that i was used to, and much less flexible. Maybe they no longer need the antenna.

Maybe it was too short receiver wire? Try longer wire for looser fit.

There is a Starkey ITE version that uses the ‘grab string’ as an antenna. No Oticon Own version has an antenna.


I have fit several patients with the Oticon Own, from ITC down to IIC. Physical fit seems to be solid, and I am able to meet prescriptive targets easily. The Own is more similar to Oticon’s previous More line of behind the ear RITE hearing aids, but the Real is not very different from the More. So far the only drag about the Own is that the T-cap microphone covers for the IIC and CIC models seem to come off a little too easily.

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@frankarcari @cjj777 YES! You are correct - disregard everything I said! The one I saw was the Starkey. Sorry about that. The Starkey has the antenna vs. the pull ‘cord’, and I decided to trial the Moore while waiting to see the OWN (my audi didn’t have one in the office at the time).

Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you dor the data sheet. I just hope that KP has ordered the OWN 1 for me which will not arrive until June 20.

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