Oticon opn1 open dome size - Goldilocks question


Good day to my friends here
I have the Oticon Opn1s and am very happy with them. I have open domes and the 8mm are a little too small and the 10mm a little large. 9mm would be just right.

It would seem that Oticon do not sell a 9mm is there any other manufacturer that sells a 9mm that would fit. Wishing you all a Happy Easter, Passover or what ever is coming your way



Other brands’ open domes may not have the same design and vent size as the OPN design even if they have a 9mm size. If it were me I would just stick with the slightly bigger 10mm size because this is the open dome so the big open vents would have room to be quished a little bit



Volusiano, thanks for this, the problem I have is that my right ear keeps coming loose. So currently I have a 10mm in my right ear and a 8mm in my left. That stops it falling out but, its a bit uncomfortable to be honest, so I was hoping to find a 9mm to ease the discomfort. I find myself continuously re seating the right ear with 8mm and obviously it is not as effective half hanging out.



Have you tried the closed dome with double vent holes? It may not be as unoccluded as the open dome but it’s not too occluded either. I find it to be a good compromise that has enough venting but it’s closed enough that the streaming quality is much better than the open dome because it keeps the bass in from leaking out and sounding all tinny.

For your issue, it should keep the form better than the open dome because it doesn’t have the huge vents, so maybe the 8mm won’t come out of your ear as easily.

Should you decide to try this out at home and decide you like it enough to stick with it, make sure your HCP reprogram your OPN for the closed some.



As always, great advice, I am seeing my Audi today so I will put these options to him. Thanks again



I use 9mm Comfort Bud product # 53271-0041 Starkey in my left ear and smaller sizes in my right depending on my ear canal. They fit the Oticon minirite P100 receiver. I cannot vouch for the 85 receiver.
Wearing uncomfortable domes is NOT an option in my opinion. Ask your Audi to pull out their stock of domes from other mfs to experiment.
The itchy ear problem disappeared with these domes.



You may want to try the Oticon Grip Tips which come in two sizes small and large, vented or unvented.



I’m one for whom domes just don’t seem to work. I have custom earmolds and they stay put. Domes never did for me.



Update, I met with my Audi, he fitted ear grips to the receivers which are a thin cord of nylon that settles in the outer ear. This is to keep the open domes in my ears. I have to say that they are very comfortable and he curled them round my outer ear cup (don’t know another way to describe it). He replaced my over sized 10mm dome in my right ear with a 8mm one, which feels soooo much more comfortable. So far so good, but its only been a couple of hours.

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so helpful and exactly what the Audi fitted



I though that this is standard for all domes. Mine is the closed dome and I’ve had these grip tips from day one, so I assumed that you had them on already, but your receiver still came out. That’s why it didn’t occur for me to mention it. I’d say that your audi was remissed for not fitting you with them in the first place.

My brother’s OPN also had them from day 1 already.



Up to now my audi has been fantastic and I suppose he was remiss not fitting them in the first place. However he has tuned the H/A to be incredibly useful to me in my teaching role and general life so I am going to let him off, with only a small admonishment. To give you some idea how much I benefit from them, I rushed out to a restaurant with friends the other day, and forgot to put them in after a shower. I missed them so much all evening. Hearing ‘normally’ has become a natural part of my life now. I was reading the threads here and elsewhere, where users asked whether using hearing aids could damage their hearing. The conclusions were that they did not and users thought that there hearing was worse without them, because when the loss had been gradual, as in my case, one simply forgets how badly your hearing was before the aids. In my case, I was shocked how much difficulty I had in the restaurant without the aids and how good it feels to hear all the sounds I now take for granted, wearing my aids.

Although my loss is mild to moderate and in the higher frequencies, I can function perfectly well without hearing aids. However with them, I gain so much and feel so less fatigued, as my job requires me to pick out nuances of speech and react quickly. Having had the Oticons for 6 months now, and after not wearing them just for one evening, I realise how much I gain from using them.

I am very grateful to be financially in a position where I have been able to gain this benefit.