Oticon OPN-S wearers---any sound issues?


Just done my appointment and both receivers were changed. Both are 85, one with a double dome and the other a single vented, both of which we upsized to 10mm. I did hear the crackle sound again and I think I have narrowed it down to the plastic wire which is used to keep the receiver in the ear, although now trying to reproduce the effect I had earlier (45minutes ago) with it, is not happening, so perhaps my imagination for that being the cause.

edit: just reproduced it when adjusting the aid in my ear. 90% confidence it is somehow related to the keeper wire.

The wind cut out is still a thing when driving, which can apparently be disabled, so I have requested that to be done and now a matter of testing that and seeing if there is still clipping/compression happening or not. The more important part is I need the no compression for my job, being able to hear any issue that might arise with the equipment in the office is critical.

Another follow up has been scheduled for next Friday, so we’ll see how these adjustments do over the next week or so and adjust from there.

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With 1 month trial now of OPN-S , all I can say i cannot feel différences than OPN-1 ! In fact, there were flaws:

  • on high sharp voices and in closed rooms , the aid seems to vibrate in my ear and there is like cutting voice to several. The issue, this is only happen with my daughter !.
  • In high noise areas as shopping malls, i tried the OSB and found it makes voices sharp that If i compare understanding with/without, then without is much better.

It’s size is much smaller than IPN1-T and barely anyone doesn’t know me noticed it.
Battery is somehow longer than the OPN-1T even with streaming (but don’t know why always my right aid battery empties first with around 10%)
Note: I have 4 programmes
1- standard program with factory suggested setting.
2- speech in noise (not using it) it’s sharp.
3- original setting transferred from OPN-1T
4- Music

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Thank you for this information,



What do you think the reason for such sound cutting (when someone whistles or even I whistle). This something wasn’t bothering me until I found aids during the same when my daughter speaks.



@AshFan, I don’t know for sure, but maybe you have your “transient sound management” (for sudden loud noises) setting set too high, so it is kicking in when you whistle. Or maybe your whistling is being processed by the hearing aid as feedback and it is trying to cut it out. @Volusiano might have some more helpful suggestions. :slight_smile:

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I have been using OPN-S1R HAs for about 6 weeks without any problems, certainly not any cutting out and I just tried touching them around the rocker switch to experiment. These were free replacements after a year of unsatisfactory OPN1 use. I sympathize with your problem because I had so many problems with my previous HAs and could not find any cause or solution, especially when so many others were happy with the OPN1s. I was pleased that Oticon agreed to replace them after a year.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, @tlahey1. I’d be interested in knowing–when you had your first-generation OPN1’s and had problems with them–were those replaced to try to solve the problems before you were offered a free upgrade OPN-S1R? Have you noticed any differences in the sound quality or between OPN1 and OPN-S1R?



I have had my Oticon OPN-S HAs for about 6 months. Ther only issue that I have had seems to have been resolved. I had a battery life issue that was resolved by installing new doors (warranty repair). I have no audio related problems as those described here.

I will say that it is important to keep them clean and “free” of ear wax. Also, I wear glasses and whenever I take them off I must be careful to not dislocate the ear pieces. Doing so disrupts proper hearing.

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Hi @dustywoodworker, and welcome to the Forum. Thanks for your post.

Can you clarify? You had a battery door problem with OPN-S? Was that the 312 battery version? Thanks.



I discovered another sound issue (OPN S3) this past weekend while driving around in the car. We took my niece and nephews out for dinner and borrowed their van to fit everyone in with their child seats. While we were driving, windows up, interior vents on at about 1/3 speed (fan speed 2 notches out of 6), everyone’s voices seemed to warble. Imagine anyone talking who would be flapping their lips with their finger, or alternatively, standing in front of a floor fan and talking directly in to it. I think I would rather have not heard the conversation rather than attempt to follow with that going on.



Sounds more like a lack of correct fitting to me.



Definitely something that is getting brought forward to the audi on Friday when I go in for another tuning. I’ll be replying back with info when I have it.

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make notes of everything your are having issues with and show it to your Audi. This is something I learned a very long time ago and it has made things so much easier for me and my Audis over the years. If you have an Audi that allows it get his/her email address and even email your pros and cons to him/her when it is something that may help your Audi make future decisions on your fittings.



Using my Note 8, I have setup a folder for all HA related troubles and make a note each visit to what the adjustment was for each issue. Working really well so far for my shoddy memory and for keeping track what changes have been made and what is helpful vs not. Email is also something I’ve done occasionally, but usually reserve all the questions for the visit. Maybe a good idea to start emailing in advance, the day before, and that way she has the itinerary as well… Thanks for the idea!

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I have a new Audi as of this last November, and seeing he is the only one in the VA clinic I go to he likes the fact that when I come in it is pretty much straight forward to just make the changes that we have talked about in the emails. It safes him time in the office and it gets me in an out.
This has worked great for me and him.



Usually, the warbling is associated with the slight frequency shift (10 Hz) employed as one of the 3 traditional feedback strategies (the other 2 are phase change and gain reduction). It shouldn’t have a noticeable effect in most situations, but sometimes people with a keen ear like musicians can notice it, but usually on musical pure tones only.

I don’t know if this is the cause of your warbling or not, but you can try to add a program without the feedback manager enabled to see if this helps solve the issue or not. The other thing is that since you have the OPN S, there’s a good likelihood that the traditional feedback manager is not even used if the OpenSound Optimizer feedback prevention technology is already good enough to manage your feedbacks.



I had my OPN1Rs for over a year and they were never satisfactory. The batteries were a big problem. They never lasted an entire day. After a year of attempting to improve the sound quality and complaining about the battery issue my Audi contacted Oticon and they offered a free upgrade to the OPNS1Rs. I have been pleased with the upgrade so far the sound quality is better and the battery life is excellent.

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UPDATE: So my AuD learned from the Oticon rep that the new feedback system in OPN-S is causing issues for “some users.” Supposedly, the Oticon engineers in Denmark are aware of the problem and are working on it. I feel vindicated that Oticon verified there is a known cut-out/distortion issue for some users (like me). We are going to try some other adjustments, and I may go back to using first-gen OPN 1 in the interim. Stay tuned.



I have the OPN-S1 for about a month for final trial before purchase and couldn’t find different from OPN-1 other than much less feedback. But yes, noticed the same of sound warbling/cutting (same as some one speaking in front of fan) . This goes with “O” letter (if speaker have loud voice) or if I whistle. So, I think this is drawback of the OPN-S :roll_eyes:

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But yes, noticed the same of sound warbling/cutting (same as some one speaking in front of fan).

This is exactly what I emailed to my audi yesterday. Whistling and when talking to me then a few people, I have been noticing it much more regularly.

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