Oticon Opn S 1 MiniRITE Battery Life


I got my new OPN1 S hearing aids on Wednesday. The left battery ran out a few minutes ago. That seems pretty quick given that I’ve streamed only 2 hours of TV since Wednesday, used the remote microphone for less than 2 minutes, and have been connected to my iPhone, but only actually used the phone twice for less than 5 minutes each. I would have expected much better battery life given that my hearing loss is mild-moderate. I’ve been rotating the batteries from one HA to another each night, which I was told should prolong their usefulness. Maybe this is just a one-off thing. It’s my left battery that died, and that’s my better ear. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this might be happening? Just a bad batch of batteries? I put my hearing aids in the Phonak D-dry Hearing Aid Dryer each night. They haven’t really been exposed to any humidity this week. The batteries aren’t close to their expiration date (March 2020). Rapid battery death is a huge part of the reason why I purchased new hearing aids. My other aids (Oticon Alta 2s - NOT the Pro version) were working just fine, but the battery life was getting shorter and shorter and I was getting tired of having to change them every 3-4 days. I’d love to hear your thoughts as to what might be going on with my new aids. Thanks!



I only get 4 day from my batteries or between 45 - 60 hours. That is about it it is due to the Bluetooth connectivity.



Four days seems too short. The spec sheet said to expect around 120 hours for battery life. I realize the 120 hours is likely an approximation with just the aids alone, with no streaming. But I still would have thought with the limited amount of streaming I’ve done, less than 5 hours total, I would have gotten closer to 100 hours of battery life. Perhaps I will turn off the cell phone direct connectivity as I am still easily able to use my phone without it. It’s nice to have a constant hands-free option, but I’m not willing to sacrifice so much battery life for a function I don’t yet require.



@KerBear, Did you audiologist program the hearing aids with those batteries in? Sometimes that draws a lot of power. Did you remove the batteries before you put the hearing aids in a dryer? I have the rechargeable OPN-S1, and I can do lots of streaming and phone calls before the batteries drain. Maybe try another brand of batteries?



Yes, he performed the fitting with those batteries. Perhaps that is part of the issue. I will try new batteries, but also turn MFi off as I don’t really need my phone directly linked to my HAs at this point, and I think the constant BT accessibility may be draining the battery quickly.



I don’t wear Oticons but with my Phonaks my better ear always dies first. I sent my aids for a clean and check service and was told they were working fine so I don’t know why this happens.



If you have 312 batteries you are not going to get 120 hours out of them with Bluetooth. Also if they were programmed with the batteries that you have been using that is also part of the answer my first batteries didn’t even make that first day. See what your next set of batteries does.



I have OPN S 1’s with 312 batteries. I’m now on my 5th pair of batteries since receiving them in early May.
1st pair lasted 6 days
2nd pair lasted 7 days
3rd pair lasted 7 days
4th pair lasted 6 days

I have them constantly paired with iPhone 7Plus.
I also have and use ConnectClip when at work (every day) for Skype calls.
I have a NoahLink and do my own programming, and I do not notice any significant difference in battery life related to programming activity. I also added the TV Adapter 3.0 and programmed for that today, so I will be watching for the impact of this change. One other observation - I always change both batteries at the same time once they both start chiming near end of life. They both always start chiming within 1-2 hours of each other.

Additionally, I put them in at ~6am each morning and remove and put in dryer at ~11pm each night. The battery doors are open when in the dryer.

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