Oticon OPN Power BTE

I got the opportunity to see a demo version of the Oticon OPN 1 Plus Power BTE, which was released last week. I was pleasantly surprised to see they were the same size as my current hearing aids, Oticon Synergy Spirit Power BTE (NHS). Even more surprised due to the many features that these aids have, I really thought they would be bigger than they actually were.

See above for comparison.

In the UK, they are just under £2,000 per aid.

Did you get a chance to try them out yet?

Not yet. I’m still deciding at the moment and it is a lot of money to pay just to try them as well so a bit more saving to do! Unfortunately no free trials here.

I’m checking a demo pair out right now. My Alta’s are out for repair. I certainly like the connectivity compared to the streamer of the Alta Pro. Not sure if they are any better but i should have a better understanding of that in the next few days .

That’s positive news. I spoke to an audiologist in Denmark, while visiting my family and the Oticon BTE13 PP aids are half price compared to in the UK. They are £1,000 per aid whereas in the UK, they are £2,000 per aid. So I’m seriously thinking of purchasing them in Denmark instead. The hearing test etc are all included and the aids will have a four-year warranty compared to just two-years in the UK.