Oticon Opn Play hearing aid will not stay powered on

My 9 year old granddaughter is visiting us for awhile. She started wearing the Oticons about a year or two ago, I guess. She has been with us for several weeks now, and yesterday her left hearing aid quit working properly.

The light on the hearing aid blinks a green light every 7 or 8 seconds. The ha itself turns on and off continuously, but will not stay on. The right hearing aid works normally. It is just the left one with the problem.

I have replaced the battery (not chargeable), replaced the wax guard, blew air to help clean it out. Turned it on and off a couple of dozen times. Nothing is fixing the problem right now. I don’t know if it is paired with anything or not, or if it is even capable of pairing.

I texted her mom and let her know of the problem so maybe she could contact her audiologist. (nothing back from her, yet). Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thx.

Could try putting in a box of rice to absorb moisture. I would get a box with a lid. Put some rice in the bottom, then put some kitchen paper on top of the rice and then place the hearing aid on the kitchen paper. Then close the lid.

Thx. You think that might be the problem, then? I think she has a drying tub in her box of stuff she has. I will check with that, or the rice as you suggested. Thx, again.

I was told by my audiologist that moisture is the biggest killer for hearing aids.

It might not solve your issue but it won’t hurt to put it in a drying tub / rice to see if it helps.

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