Oticon OPN low battery indicator - timing customizable?

Hello again!

I got my Oticon OPN 3 last week (need two but only had $ for one right now) through hearingrevolution.com and I gotta say, I am pretty happy! So far I’d say I hear as well or slightly better with these than with my Oticon Intigas from yesteryear. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty easy to please, but I have ONE major pet-peeve.

Today my low battery indicator started going off. It goes off every 10 minutes on the dot. I would LOVE for that to be a little less frequent. Does anyone know if this feature is user- or audi-adjustable (say, to maybe every hour instead of every 10 minutes?)

And yes, I do know that I could just change the battery when I hear the warning. I don’t see any compelling reason to waste battery life (it’s been sounding every 10 minutes for about 6 hours and still working fine). It’s not really about money, it’s about wastefulness. I already feel wasteful tossing out two batteries every 5-7 days every day for the rest of my life, 6+ hours * 2 * 52 weeks in a year, etc., really adds up (in my mind). I am considering the rechargeable kit but I’m saving money to buy the 2nd aid first, then the ConnectClip (which I need for work and dance), and then the rechargeable kit. (Like most I think, no help from insurance so it’s all out of pocket.) I just want to know if the low battery indicator timing can be adjusted.

Thanks, as always!

My Oticons, although not OPN don’t seems to beep regularly when the battery is discharged.

Sometimes they will beep once and the battery fails shortly after.

Other times, the beep will be repeated at intervals but they will continue to operate for several hours.

I’m using 312 batteries. Perhaps a different brand of battery may be worth a try? I think it is the current drop that triggers the warnings. This will be affected by battery performance.

Doubt that the warning can be changed, except on future firmware updates. Who knows.

You could also try opening and closing the battery doors. This also gives additional battery life sometimes and stops the beeping.

word. Duracell and PowerOne batteries worked great for mine!

I think the Power One batteries last longer than Duracell, but either works okay. My Audi prefers Power One.

In Genie2 | Buttons and Indicators | Beeps there is a checkbox for “Pre-warning” for the Battery low indicator. Have your audi try unchecking that box for both aids. It is checked by default.


I’m like you. I let my battery warning go on until it dies completely because I hate wasting battery.

However, if you’re streaming on your OPN, the low battery warning also will not allow your OPN to stream either from your phone or your TV Box very shortly afterward. But if you don’t stream then you can squeeze out the last of the battery juice before it goes dead. I don’t get another 6 hours of it like you do, though. Maybe another hour or two top.

Like Aggie60 said, you can have the pre-warning turned off, but you can’t adjust the frequency of the warning.

they do! (my old audi also prefers those since she always had them around in her rollaway case :slight_smile:

Here’s a reason: It’s worth something to change batteries at a convenient time, rather than letting them die at a possibly inconvenient time. The extra cost of wasting 6 hours of every battery change, assuming 30 cents a battery, is around $2 or $3 per year. The extra landfill load is less than an ounce per year.

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