Oticon opn does not Chime

I close the Rt. Door and there is no chime indicating it is working any one had similar
and have an answer. Thanks…

wax on the receiver bad batery? not much information, never had a problem with one not working.

Rub the microphones and see if you are getting sounds. Try changing wax guards and battery as suggested if you aren’t getting sounds. If you have phone app, see if that aid is showing up. It may but still be defective though.

I would heck or replace the wax traps on the HA;s if it happened suddenly. It could also be that your audi turned off the chimes the last time you went in for an adjustment. Just reread your post and saw that it is just the right HA, so Another possibility could be that if you pull the receivers out of your ear by the wires or f you dropped the HA, you may of killed the receiver.

I had changed batteries and changed filters, the App shows them as disconnected. and battery condition does not now show up on App I recall you can press a certain number of times on rt. switch and it may correct itself, but do not want to play around as I have no knowledge of this.
Thanks Ken and Gary

You didn’t state the obvious whether the OPN still seems to work or not beside the fact that it did not chime. I assume that it doesn’t work anymore either (you don’t hear any amplification anymore).

If you have a loupe or a magnifying glass, you can visually inspect inside the battery door to see if the metal contacts are still in place or not. Not that you can fix it yourself but just to see maybe they’ve fallen off or something.

I also assume that the right one is not chiming but the left one is still working OK. You said app shows “them” as disconnected so it’s unclear whether one out of the 2 still works or not? If one still works then you should have seen the app showing the working one as connected.

The left HA is working and chiming. The left does not work.
It always showed up on my Apple phone App until today, now it does not show at bottom as disconnected then connected.
Have not had issues previous. The I phone is also silent also when I swipe up or down to increase/lower
volume. A real Techie type day. Thanks for trying to help out with this.

sounds like an issue with the hearing aid to me - take it to your clinic and let them assess it. sounds like it may need to be sent off to the manufacturer for a repair

Thanks to all for your ideas and help. I will take them to the Audi. I am from Canada and presently down in the U.S. will look up
a local Audi. Thanks again.

I would just add: be sure to bring your iPhone and show the audi exactly what you are describing here: one aid works fine, the other does not work at all? In any case, one aid is not chiming/indicating it has power. Also, the iPhone is not showing the device as connected and/or is not able to control the volume on it.

Assuming the battery has been changed and still device is not working, it sure sounds like a malfunction with the aid - hardware or software. Let us know what the fix is! You have my empathy being away from home and having this happen - last thing anyone would want! Which reminds me: do you travel with a spare pair? If it’s critical to hear, invest in a spare pair for sure.

Thanks for your tips also. I am fortunate I still have my previous Agril Pro. They work just fine. So for sure another great tip.
A couple yrs. back I took the Agril Pro with similar issues, and a good cleaning of the wax cleared it up. I may give that a try also.
the phone issue was I for some reason got DEMO switched on and that was the problem with the I Phone.

^^^^GOOD to know that the phone issue has been sorted out! Good luck with the wax guard change - or whatever it will take to get your aid working again. I have both a 4-yr-old Agil Pro ITE pair and an even older AGX ITE as backups. Believe me … incredible as it seems I have needed ALL THREE aids on occasion. It’s like I emit this Martian energy and sometimes 2’s come in 3’s! I love my new Oticon Opn, but like a zippy race car, they are just not as rock solid in performance as my old Agil Pros.

I took them to a local Audi and he found them quite plugged with wax. He gave them a good cleaning. He recomended buying a UV Dryer. Thanks for all the ideas.

Glad to hear. But I thought several folks recommended checking the wax filter as the first step, and I thought you confirmed that you’d already changed the wax filter and it didn’t help. Am I missing something? Or did the audi find wax elsewhere beside the filter?

Also you mentioned that it wouldn’t connect with your iPhone despite putting in a fresh battery. Not sure how the wax would interfere with the phone connection?

I have two UV drying units - one for home, one for travel, that I’d recommend: http://dryandstore.com Global II and the Widex Dry-Go unit that I bought at Amazon.com. These units may not prevent wax build-up on the aids, but they will dry them out from moisture and sanitize them on a daily basis. Helps keep that “itchy ear” to a minimum!

Ended up being 2 separate issues. He said there was wax within something other than the wax filter. He did not show me where, but he told
me to put them in and try them. And, wow they sure sounded great.
I checked my phone over and found I had somehow previously set it to Demo mode when trying something and had not set it back.

But, I hope what I learnt and the all good people that replied with ideas, can help someone else with similar issues.
Thanks Blue Jay/ Volusiano , , Sammy

Hi Blue Jay; Coincidently my older HAs are Agil Pro and the present are the opn’s. Have been quite happy with them. Definitely nice to have backups.
Have been enjoying the iphone features, Connection + Battery.

^^^^ Ditto for me as of today! THANK GOD for my old Agil Pro ITEs - they are a life-saver on the phone. Plus, it’s the only pair I own that has a dedicated streamer. I simply do not want to go the “Internet of Things” route with any kind of app on my Samsung. So I’m holding out for the so-called clip-on streamer that should work with my brand new Oticon Opn RIEs. I’m having DOME WOES right now. I can’t seem to get a dome that fits comfortably and lets me hear crisp and clear. Rocket science, I guess.

I was also having some Dome problems. My Dr. of Audiology fitted me with 10 mm Domes. They were difficult to get them
into the Ear Canal. So he tried the next size down 8 mm. These now pop right into the Canal and are easy to remove. He explained
that people do have various sizes of Ear Canals and important to be fitted properly. I ended up receiving clearer sound.
Hope this helps.

My idea may not work for you as I notice on re read that yours are RIEs. The Domes I speak of are the BTE domes. But, again this may
help someone with BTE dome issues. Although a Audi should pick up on this.

My streaming works through my I phone. Very nice to have good clarity.