Oticon OPN 3 questions

Two questions about my wife and my new ON 3s:
(1) I have ConnectLine TV 3.0 on two separate TV sets. I assumed my wife and I would be able to switch from set to set by pressing the orange button on the back as we were able to do with our old Oticons. This does not work for either my wife or me. In fact the only way we have discovered so far to switch to another TV is to put our HAs on that TV’s ConnectLine and essentially re-pair them. I keep thinking I’m overlooking something, but I am at my wit’s end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(2) When watching TV when we go to our iPhones to do anything the sound ceases. This is when using the IOS app.

Thanks for any advice.

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It’s not clear from what you say whether you have 2 separate TV Adapter 3.0, one connected to a separate TV set each, or you only have 1 TV Adapter 3.0 that you move from one TV set to another. I’m going to assume the earlier (you have 2, one connected to each TV) to base my answer below on.

  1. The orange button on the back is only if you want to erase any pairing you have done with all your OPNs so far, to start from scratch with pairing again. For example, if you had paired both yours and your wife’s OPN on a TV Adapter, but now change your mind and don’t want your wife to hear from that TV Adapter for some reason (maybe because she wants to watch the other TV in parallel when you watch this one), then the orange button is to erase both pairings from it so that you can re-pair only yours to it next time so she won’t hear from that TV adapter next time you watch it.

We know from the instruction that you can pair multiple pairs of OPN into one TV Adapter, But the instruction doesn’t address the case where you can pair a set of OPN onto multiple TV Adapters or not. Apparently you’ve tried but were not successful. I assume that once you’ve paired your OPN to the TV Adapter 1, when you go pair it to TV Adapter 2 next, it’ll work with TV Adapter 2, but no longer work with TV Adapter 1 anymore when you go back to it. Unless you re-pair it back to TV Adapter 1, in which case it won’t work with TV Adapter 2 any longer. Is that what you’re experiencing?

If so, what this implies is that while TV Adapter can hold multiple IDs from multiple OPNs, apparently the OPN can only hold a single ID from a single TV Adapter. Which means that Oticon never designed with an owner having more than 1 TV Adapter in mind. I think you should contact your audi or Oticon directly to ask them to include an enhancement in the next firmware update the ability for the OPN to hold more than a single TV Adapter ID. Then you’ll be able to get your OPN to work with both of your TV Adapters.

  1. When watching TV, as long as I use an iOS app on my iPhone that doesn’t require audio playback, I can still hear the TV just fine. But if I use an iOS app that requires audio playback (like YouTube video or iTunes), then the iPhone audio takes priority over the TV audio. I would think this is a normal and expected behavior that I would want anyway.

Yes, you have correctly interpreted the problem I’m experiencing. It is a relatively small thing, but very frustrating. Why Oticon would not think that people would have multiple TVs seems shortsighted to me. I would think that is the norm these days.
I will have to check regarding the IOS problem, but my memory is it does it regardless whether I’m attempting to play audio or not. In fact I know it does. I would think that many people would be fooling with their phones while watching TV, so this is pretty frustrating for sure.
Thank you so much for your quick response. I truly appreciate it.

It would require a ‘switch’ or ‘selection’ function. It is there, it boils down to which box you paired to. It fits a Euro mindset somewhat better than a US one.

I’m on iOS 11.0.3 (the latest I think) and I tested this before I replied to you by surfing on Facebook and Safari on my iPhone while streaming audio from the TV adapter and I still get the sound from the TV just fine. If you have this issue on your iPhone maybe try to update to the latest iOS to see if it goes away.

member98 - When you switch from watching TV 1 to TV 2 have you tried “unpowering” the TV1’s Connectline and cycling power on the OPN’s?

I’m wondering if you are still paired with it somehow - I can walk almost all around our home and still be connected (listen) to our TV - even two floors up.

I can imagine that several users could have this issue with multiple ConnectLines - multiple TV’s at home, or a TV at home and at cottage/vacation home etc… Maybe make a feature request to Oticon?

Yeah, I think this is worth a try, IF, assuming that the OPN can store 2 TV Adapter IDs at the same time, then maybe it’s just still connected to TV A1 and you need to break that connection to get it to reconnect to TV A2.

However, turning off TV A1 and recycle the OPNs (if that works) is just as bad a leaving TV A1 on and recycle the OPNs on top of TV A2 to repair the OPN to the TV A2, process-wise.

Oticon ought to design it such that the OPN can accept either TV A1 or A2 whenever either of them are broadcasting. If both of them are broadcasting at the same time, however, then it becomes an issue. This can happen if different people watch them at the same time. It’s probably due to this reason that Oticon made a conscious design decision to support only 1 TV Adapter in each household at a time to avoid that scenario in the first place.

Otherwise they’d have to add more TV Box programs to the OPN to cycle through, P1 -> (P2 -> P3 -> P4 if they exist) -> TV Box 1 -> TV Box 2 -> back to P1.

I’ve been holding off updating to IOS.xx because I’m reading a lot of people having battery problems. Have you experienced any/

I was incorrect about when the sound ceases. It ceases when using the Google app (not the search engine). It does not cease when using other apps or when going to Safari to access the Google search function. Strange.

Yeah, same thing happens to me, sound ceases in the Google app. I think that’s because the Google app is a voice-based app that can listen to your request (like Siri does) then provide you with an answer via a voice. So as a voice-based app, it’s expected that Google app will cut out the TV Streamer sound. If you use Chrome the sound from the TV is not interrupted because it’s not a voice-based app.

I think iOS 11.0.1 had battery problems but 11.0.3 that I’m on is fine. Maybe that’s why they move from 11.0.1 through 11.0.3 very quickly to address such things as battery problems.

Thank you so much for your answer. It put me on the right track and I think I may have solved the problem, for me anyway. I accessed settings on the Google app and disabled everything voice based. Voila! I can now listen to TV and use the Google app at the same time. I very seldom used the voice activation feature anyway so for me it is a very good solution. Again, thanks for your response.