Oticon OPN 1 vs Oticon Real 2

Anyone one know if I would notice a significant difference going from the Oticon OPN1 to the Oticon Real 2? Would it be a step down?

Hi Jim, actually no one can tell you this, as in only you’ll know if they are better sound quality, as for features you’ll be getting a better processor with extra features, so feature wise it’s a step in the right direction, are you able to trial them before buying, don’t forget Costco which stock the premium models at a fantastic price, like Phillips.

Intent 2, 3 or 4?
Did Real came after More or the other way around?

I found a great comparison here thank you

Real came after More

2024: Oticon Intent

2023: Oticon Real

2022: Oticon Own, Oticon Zircon

2020: Oticon More, Oticon Ruby

2019: Oticon Xceed, Oticon Opn S

2018: Oticon Siya

2016: Oticon Opn

2015: Oticon Ria2, Oticon Nera2, Oticon Alta2

2013: Oticon Nera, Oticon Alta

2011: Oticon Intiga, Oticon Ino

2010: Oticon Chili, Oticon Acto, Oticon Agil

2008: Oticon Dual Mini

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Link doesn’t work! not sure what’s the problem. :thinking:

Fixed the link “ marked mess it up thank you.

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Only you can decide what the difference is FOR YOU. But I can cite the feature differences for consideration. They may or may not be a significant improvement, depending on how you perceive them. First of all, starting with the OPN S, there’s a new feedback manager technology. You don’t show what your audiogram looks like in your profile so I can’t tell if feedback is an issue for your kind of loss or not.

Then starting with the More, there’s the DNN (deep neural network) AI that processes the sound and its noise reduction on speech differently than the OPN/S. The Real then has the improved sudden sound and wind handling features added in.

The Real 2 compared to the Real 1 mainly has a lower max noise reduction for speech available. Again, without your audiogram, it’s not clear whether the Real 2 noise reduction might suffice for your kind of loss or not. Generally if you don’t find yourself in complex/noisy environments often, trying to understand speech better, then you probably won’t miss the extra noise reduction that the Real 1 has over the Real 2.

Thank you I have the Oticon OPN 1 and was looking at a used Oticon Real 2. I would put my Audiogram up but couldn’t figure out how lol.

Found the place to add audiogram .

@jim225 Have you tried Oticon Xceed?

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Wow, OK. That’s a moderately severe to profound loss. I assume that you must be wearing at least the 100 dB receivers, if not the 105 dB receivers on your OPN 1 already.

The OPN 1 has 3 dB noise reduction for Easy Environment and 9 dB NR for Difficult Environment. The Real 1 has 4 and 10 dB respectively, and the Real 2 has 2 and 6 dB NR respectively. So going to the Real 1 would be an extra dB of NR, but going to the Real 2 would actually be a loss of 1 and 3 dB respectively. But it also depends on whether your HCP set the max NR value in your setup to 9 dB for NR or not. For example, if it were set to 6 dB max NR for Difficult only for some reason, then going to the max of 6 dB for Difficult in the Real 2 would not be a step down in NR help. But usually with your kind of heavy hearing loss, it’s more likely that it’s already set as 9 dB max NR for you, although it doesn’t hurt to check with your HCP.

If you have feedback issue with your OPN 1 such that your HCP has to shrink down the feedback margin considerably to control it, then the Real 2 will have the new feedback management technology that may yield back some of those lost margins to help you get better SNR.

Those are the 2 main concerns I see with your level of loss w.r.t. the main features that are going matter to you → the noise reduction level available, and the feedback issue (if you have any). The DNN in the Real 2 can give you some more clarity compared to the OPN 1, but the 3 dB less in Difficult on the Real 2 compared to the OPN 1 might offset that clarity gain nevertheless.

If you can spring for the Intent 2 instead of the Real 2, then you’d be at 4 dB for Easy and 10 dB for Difficult, then it would be a step up for your level of loss, because it likely will need all the noise reduction it can get. But then again, if you rarely find yourself in Difficult listening situations anyway, then the extra noise reduction may not be as necessary for you as it seems to be.

The other thing about springing for the Intent 2 instead of the Real 2 is that you will get the second generation DNN 2.0, which is supposed to give you better sound reproduction than the DNN 1.0. Not to mention the 4D sensor technology that can zoom in on speeches for better speech clarity while still maintaining a good overall balance of the sound scene.

I heard from an HCP who frequents this forum that for every dB of noise reduction attenuation you can eke out, that’s a 10% speech clarity improvement you can get.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the Real 2 would be a step up from your OPN 1 if noise reduction for speech is of utmost importance to you. But the Intent 2 definitely should be a step up in theory based on the specs. But again, of course, it’s totally subjective to your own ears’ perception.

Assuming that they were set up at full tilt is a big one here. Not everyone adjusts the Moresound up fully. The Real 2 would have the benefit of a later development DNN classifier and better feedback control too.
If there’s the option, (like noted elsewhere) the real sweet-spot product would probably be the Intent 2. Claimed 10dB SNR and the latest DNN with a better battery and connectivity.

My big concern would be whether any of them truly met the power requirements without seeing the full REM though.

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Is the Xceed 2019 technology?

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Yes my audiologist set me up originally with OPN 3 with 80db custom molds, in 2016 . I bought some used OPN 1, last year for 100 and programmed the HAs myself and it was a major improvement. My new custom molds 105db, made in 2022, are only made for the Mini-rite. Not sure where to get molds for the Xceed. My audiologist wanted 400 an aid plus 250 per aid adoption fee, if they were going to program the OPN 1 for me, so I could not afford that so I did it myself. I know the Xceed came out in 2019 isn’t it old technology compared to the real or the intent.

Ah, I didn’t realize that you’re a DIY’er. I presume that you’re taking advantage of the Intent release to count on the Real after market pricing to drop to snare up a pair of Real 2? Or are you actually planning to buy a pair of Real 2 through an official HCP channel? Or are you planning to buy in the after market?

Don’t forget that Costco hopefully is going to come out with the Philips 9050 hopefully some time this year. It’s no Oticon aid, but if you’re near a Costco, it may be worth trying it out because you have a full 6 month to decide. It might make sense to wait and get the Philips 9050 (which has the 4D sensor and the improved AI NR (although it’s not a DNN 2.0 like the Oticon Intent) over the Real 2 since you will have its latest stuff for a super great value of $1500 (assuming that the price will stay the same).

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Yes so my first hearing aids were OPN 3 from 2016. I upgraded last year to the OPN 1 for 200 and came with connect clip I turned around and sold for 100, there was a huge difference. I’m not sure If the More 1 or Real 2 or 1 would be better. You mentioned the Xceed and I’m not sure if that would be better for me. I can keep looking for eBay prices on the More 1 and Real 1 or 2. Now that the new 2024 model is Intent is out. Maybe you’re right I might be better off with Xceed. I think my audiologist never put me into the right hearing aid because my hearing loss has not changed. Is the Xceed old technology 2019. If Costco has something similar to the Xceed, maybe I should look at that. I’ve never been to Costco, but there is one around here I believe. I do have insurance, but they seem to not really cover much of anything. They say they cover $1500 towards the price of the hearing aids, but I think its just discount pricing. I priced out the Xceeds with my insurance at $1625 per hearing aid and they give you 60 days to try them out. I am disabled and on SSDI and thats a lot of $ for me. What do you think looking at my audiogram would be better? I could always look for used Xceed. Do they sell universal ear molds. I started out with generic soft molds on OPN 3. I did not get these custom molds until either 2022 and they 105 dB. Do you think that the real or more might work for me?


Is that available at costco?
Also if I picked up used Xceed do you know of any place I could get ear molds made. ( not an expensive audiologist.)

No, not at costco, try your luck on Ebay or Facebook marketplace or craigslist!!!

I assume you are after second hand hearing aids, if not, maybe worth waiting for the Xceed replacement, I don’t think Oticon will not release a new Xceed on this new (Intent) platform, but again, I don’t have any insider knowledge, so I could be wong.

Sorry, I am in the UK, so maybe some folks near you can advise you.
I don’t believe the molds are expensive, worth shopping around.