Oticon OPN 1 iPhone 6 streaming cutting out

I have been increasingly bothered by one or both of my HAs cutting out while streaming phone calls or podcasts. I have to keep my phone close to my ear to keep it from cutting out. This seems like a new problem that started a few months ago.
I seem to remember that there was an Oticon firmware update and/or an iOS version release a few months ago where this problem popped up for some forum members. If I remember, there was a solution. But I can’t find that solution in past posts. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

I understand that these HA’s are MFi and would use Bluetooth low energy (BLE). They probably stream direct to each hearing aid. If so you may hear one hearing aid cut out, but not the other. BLE like Classic Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz as a signal frequency. That frequency does not go through body parts easily (like your head). It depends to some degree on bouncing off hard objects which are more likely to be available indoors. Outdoors tends to be more of a problem than indoors. If you can have your iPhone located so there is a straight shot toward both ears you will probably get the best connection. If you hold it beside one ear, then it may not connect to the opposite ear.

You should make sure you’re on the latest OPN firmware 6.1 and the latest iOS 12.4.1 first and see if the issue goes away. If not, try to forget and re-pair the OPN to the iPhone via MFI functionality again. If you still have a problem, then maybe your OPN wireless connectivity circuit is going bad and need a replacement/repair under warranty.

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I had this happen to me the other day. I was unaware of the need to have the phone basically line of sight to each hearing aid. I’ll have to experiment with this as I do not recall where the phone was in relation to the hearing aids during the call I had cut out on me.

In my case I don’t need my iPhone to be in the line of sight with my OPN to have good connection. I can go to other rooms and still be able to stream music OK with walls in between my phone and myself. It only starts getting flaky if I go too far away.

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Thank you, all. I’ll check to see if I’m up to date. This problem didn’t used to happen. I could get a few steps away from the phone before the connectivity got spotty. Not now.

Thanks for posting. I’ve been meaning to as I have this same problem w/my Oticon Nera 2 Pro HAs. Music & audiobooks stream fine, but for some reason phone calls bounce back & forth between my HAs & the phone. I use the Oticon streamer; one phone is an iPhone 7S, the other is a XS. I make sure to shut Bluetooth off on the one I’m not using when I’m working, but the problem happens with both phones. I haven’t been able to locate the current Streamer firmware version for reference online - does anybody know where that is please? If I need a firmware update on the Streamer I’ll head in to the audiologist for an update.