Oticon Opn 1 hearing aid will mute itself

The first time it happened, I was at McDonald’s and I felt like my hearing is blocked and I couldn’t hear that well than earlier. Then I BT connect my Opn1 to the iPhone and checked Octicon app and found that my Right HA was muted. When I unchecked it, it was back to normal. Another instance, when I wear them in the morning, I usually press the left HA to lower the volume. This morning, felt the similar feeling after lowering the volume, and checked that Right HA was muted. Went for walk while listening to a song. I saw someone I know. Turned off the music app to say hi to him but couldn’t hear him well. Checked and Right HA was muted. This happened so many times now. I never mute my HA for any reason. Today it happened the most - three times - and it’s only to the Right HA.

Anyone has experienced this? Should I get the Right HA shipped to Octicon to look into it? I only have this pair (it’s my second Opn1 after the first pair was lemon) for a year. I was at my audi today and told him. He said several people have mentioned this to him and he will call Octicon. I am not sure what will come out from this conversation.

My OPN1 ITE custom aids are in for repair. I really thought it was muted but it was sounding like everyone had their hands covering their mouths. In other words everything sounded completely muffled. Hopefully I will get them back in a day or two. They were sent off on Monday a week ago, and normally VA get the aids back within about 10 days.

Yes, muffled and for me it was half the hearing gone. I am not sure if the Right HA is acting up. Why would it mute by itself? But it’s back to normal when I uncheck the mute button. My audi said it might be software issues. He updated the Opn1 software today to see if the muting will go away but it happened the most times after I left his office.

Are you using the Oticon ON app? That maybe causing your issues. I have had strange things happen when I use the ON app.

I use it to check. I did use the iPhone Accessibility page and it showed my Right HA is not turned on (volume set at zero).

If it happens again, I won’t use the ON app first then. What kind of problems did you encounter with the ON app?

The volume levels changing on their own, even program changes. It has happened while using the ON app.
OH! I have also at time had things act crazy if my aids were trying to connect to my iphone, and ipad at the same time. I have ended up forgetting my aids on my iPad and not pairing them to the iPad.
Also, I have the connect clip, and I have had issues if my connect clip was also paired to my iPhone, the aids would do crazy things. So I do not have my connect clip paired to my iPhone.

The muting happens on its own too. I’ll stop using ON to see if this stops. Thanks, cvkemp.

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Because it only happens to your right HA, I suspect that perhaps the button on the right HA is becoming defective and shorts itself out long enough from time to time to trigger the mute function. If it happens to both HAs at the same time, then it may be the ON app or something. But it doesn’t hurt to try to isolate out the ON app first to see if it helps. If not, then the next step may be to get the right HA replaced.

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Now I will say something it is my experience that I have had more failures of my right hearing aids and I can not ever remember just my left hearing aid failing

I don’t use the button on the right HA at all. I only use the left HA to reduce volume most of the time. Today, I refrained from ON app and so far so good. Let’s see how it is for the week. But if ON is the culprit, it’s sad that the same manufacturer’s app is causing all these problems.

I checked my notes on my first pair. The Right HA was having most problems too until Octicon gave me new pair made in 2019.

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my aids are in for repair or replacing now, and should have been back by now.

I’ve not had that issue. I have had random program changes 1-to-2 generally, then back again, not too long after startup in the morning. And I get a random 3 fast beeps within a half hour or starting up. These issues aren’t enough to drive me nuts, but I would be were I to have what you’re experiencing!

I used to have that problem – often! And the crazy zipping down the volume with the fast beeps. It only happened in certain parts of my house. It felt like the Bluetooth from a previous setting was hanging in the air like a mist just waiting for me to walk into it. :rofl: I think it was
the ON App competing with the accessible iPhone settings. I always use
iPhone - not ON App. I offloaded ON App on iPhone and uninstalled it on iPad. I also updated latest Firmware on Hearing aids (and the ON app, even though it is offloaded and not in use). Problem solved.

The other thing I do - I mute mics and adjust volume on iPhone when watching TV with Adapter. Before I take out my hearing aids (sleep after TV) I return my aids’ settings on iPhone to their default settings (un-muting aids and General Program.)

My theory is some BT setting on a device was competing, and when I got in range, it would change my hearing aids. In reality, probably the firmware update fixed it. It hasn’t happened in months.

Day 1 without turning ON app – no crazy muting at all. Will see how it is today. Previously, I use ON app to check battery percentages.

I don’t have the iPhone BT turned on all the time. I find that if the phone rings, I could just easily turn the BT on and then answer the phone (to have the audio routed to my HA).

I leave the bluetooth on all the time mostly due to my Apple Watch. All of my notifications goes to the watch and not my aids. You can also check the battery life on your iphone with the hearing device control panel, that is even available without unlocking the phone.

I also leave Bluetooth on all the time on my iPhone - make most adjustments and battery level estimate accessed thru control panel. The only time I turn BT off on iPhone is when I want to stream from iPad.

I haven’t had any muting incident since the day I stopped using ON app.

I am going to start again to experiment!

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Haha, talk about ON jinx. When I turned on BT on the iPhone (so that I can change programs), I felt the right HA has gone muted. Checked and it was so. ON app wasn’t used at all. I guess some BT components in the right HA needs to be serviced. Anyway, will send it out to Octicon.

Have you tried leaving BT turned on your iPhone AND offloading the ON App? I still think it is the ON App interfering. Just because you were not actively using the ON App, it is an App on your iPhone that connects to your hearing aids as soon as BT is enabled. If you off load the App, it is like uninstalling it, except it keeps your data and you can easily bring it back.