Oticon NoWax Guard Questions

I have some Oticon Epoq XWs, and I was wondering if the only function of these filters to stop wax from getting into the in-the-ear receivers? My AuDi recommended I change these every three months, but I never even get wax in the filter of my domes, so no wax has ever made it’s way into these NoWax guards. Should I still change them? Do they have moisture filter or something like that too? Thanks for any comments.

I did a quick search for you since you have not had an answer from the experts and it seems that the wax guards also protect against moisture, and they do recommend to change them every 3 months.

Hopefully, a guru will write with either a correction…or more information for you.

I am getting new aids and was interested in testing the epoq xw. How do you like it? Is there anything you do not like about them?

Thanks for the answer. I just changed them and looked at the old one under a loupe. Well, they seem to merely be little plastic filters with no moisture guard or anything. The new or old ones looked identical in condition.

I love my Epoq XWs, and I tried quite a few Hearing Aids. These were by far my favorite. Only drawback is that they could be smaller; I’d consider the Duals if I were buying now. This said, it’s very nice to have a controllers on the units. I often use these, as I am not carrying my remote at all time. Mute is very important.

I Love my Mute and really wish I could do it from the Streamer since I can’t reach the button on the aid while wearing a motorcycle helmet!

Both my AuD & I have phoned & mailed a request to Oticon for an update to Streamer Firmware/software to alllow remote controlled mute function and were told that other users had asked for it too.

Maybe if more users call or write & ask for it, they will get it into the next round of design.

Please consider adding your voice & writing to Oticon with Streamer Activated remote mute as a feature/improvement request.

The wax guards are simply to protect wax from entering the receiver and blocking the tubes, which can cause weakened sound, or if completely blocked, can cause an aid to sound “dead”. We do recommend that they be changed about once every three months, sooner if needed, but if you never even get wax on your domes, your ear just may not produce much wax. It will not hurt anything to change them out every three months, but if you notice they still look clean (look at them from the back and see if you can see through the many holes), then you can bump it up to every six months or so. As far as I know, they don’t have a moisture filter, but as long as you have a dri-aid kit that you use at night time, then you should be fine. Hope this helps!