Oticon Nera 2 pro is it better then Oticon spirit synergy 13 p

Hi guys tell me which hearing aid is better for my mild to moderate hearing loss. Nera 2 pro or spirit synergy 13p both are from oticon.
Can i connect nera 2 pro with Oticon On app? Is there a bluetooth in it?

Oticon Nera2 Pro is 2015 generation , Chip-Plattform Inium Sense , non bluetooth integrated into hearing aids.
You need intermediary device to stream from bluetooth devices
need Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3A. Your audi will need to link the streamer with your hearing aids.

Oticon Spirit Synergy 13p BTE none bluetooth radio integrated into hearing aid
Bluetooth capable only with intermediary device Oticon Streamer Pro

None of this two older tech hearing aids can connect with Oticon On app.


Thanks for information