Oticon More + Samsung S22 Ultra?

I have Oticon More2 HA’s for about a month. Nice to listen to podcasts played back on Samsung S22 ultra Android phone…however, during almost any 60-90 minute walk, the phone and HA’s seem to lose track of each other and a complete drop is experienced around the 30-40 min. mark.

Oticon app support has been a dead-end so far.

Anyone else having similar issues? One “key” seems to be that it happens while I am walking with the phone carried in a fanny pack strapped around my waist. Restarting bluetooth while walking is quite awkward.

It has to do with one being outside and two the location of the phone in respect to the aids. Bluetooth depends on line of sight and walls to bounce the signs off of. When you are out side there aren’t the walls to bounce the signs, and more than likely in the fanny pack no line of sight.

Thanks for the feedback @cvkemp! It usually takes at least 30-40 minutes for the connection to weaken (i.e. one ear drops, comes back and the other ear drops). One theory I had was “buffering” in the Oticon app.

I have an iPhone and don’t use the app at all, because it uses extra battery life of both the aids and phone. And it causes the aids to drop connectivity to my iPhone way too often. I mostly use the Oticon remote for my aids, or sometimes the iPhone control panel which handles all functions that I need.

I haven’t noticed unexpected drain on the aids by controlling with the app. However, they are “brand new” (less than 30 days old).

There isn’t anyway to really notice without comparing with and without the app for at least a week with and a week without. I used the app for close to a year, and without the app now for about a month. It was really noticeable for me and my rechargeable aids.

I don’t think I could function without the app unless I remove the aids when I’m doing music.

I don’t know if there is anyway to control your aids on Android without the app. I seldom use anything other than the Oticon remote.

@cvkemp & @dnuttall , I have the More’s with an android phone, and without the app one would require the ConnectClip in order to mute the mic’s while streaming.
Also, the EQ is pretty important to attain enough bass.

I do a fair amount of streaming, and phone calls, and at the end of a 15hr day I usually have appr. 25% battery life.

As Chuck noted, bluetooth outdoors is at best very “Sketchy”

I understand that android is different. While I can mute my aids, with the iPhone control panel, it isn’t the best. I use the Oticon remote now, it is small has disposable batteries and the batteries last about a year. For the way my aids are set, at 12 hours I have between 50 and 60 percent of the batteries left with no streaming, and without using the app. With the app I had between 40 and 50 percent left with no streaming. I have the 105 db receivers but my volume is set by default at 54. It gives me great clarity of sound and speech recognition. The only streaming I do is phone calls and TV adapter. Sometimes I will stream from my laptop or Kindle using the connect clip and listen to audiobooks. I notice less battery drain streaming by way of the connect clip than I do streaming from my iPhone or iPad straight to the aids.

Yes, the ConnectClip is very good at conserving battery.

I still occasionally use the remote, as well. I’ve had it since my OPN 1 days!

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Something else to consider. If you always walk the same route and it’s by neighborhood houses, it’s possible that some EMI from a dwelling is causing you to lose connectivity. That happens to me with ReSound Quattros and an iPhone. ~Always going by the same houses. Before the pandemic, I’d have problems with BT connectivity at a Gold’s Gym where everybody seems to be walking around with AirPods in their ears and there were 100 to 200 folks in the gym at one time.

Needs to be 20

Needs to be 20

Same issue here with a few different phones while biking (in jersey shirt back pocket) and walking (side waistband - would drop opposite side HA). I solved the problem by getting an upper arm band carrier for the phone like runners use. It keeps the phone closer to the HA’s and the BT signal isn’t attenuated by body fat or sweat. Also easier to skip songs, look at map etc. while riding one handed.