Oticon More Repeatedly Restarting

Any Oticon More wearers ever encounter or hear of an issue where the aid constantly restarts over and over? I’m not talking about the random turn off and turn on again that some people have experienced sporadically every now and then like myself, but rather the HA basically cycle on and off non stop. It is only happening on one side. It started happening late yesterday for me, and is continuing today.

Of course, I’ll try to get in touch with my audiologist asap, but I’ll have to wait through the weekend to even get an appointment and was wondering if anyone has had this problem and possibly knows a solution or source of issue.

Maybe that is the problem?

Check for debris in the charger slot for where the hearing aid sits.

What happens with the hearing aid lights when you place it in the charger?

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Link → SmartCharger miniRITE R Instructions for use

I had this issue with my first smart charger and my VA audiologist got my charger replaced

I don’t believe the Smartcharger is the root cause of the issue. I hadn’t used it in over a couple weeks prior to this issue cropping up. I typically use the standard charger and use the Smartcharger when I travel and periodically to cycle the battery through. I only used it yesterday because since there is a built in “drying” feature with the Smartcharger, and I thought maybe if there is a tiny bit of moisture build up for whatever reason it might help with that.

For what it’s worth, LED is solid orange when seated in the Smartcharger.

For the 5 seconds my aid stays on, this morning, I saw the charge was at 12%. It’s almost full after using the standard charger afterwards and still restarting after 5-10 seconds.

Okay then two chargers and I assume you tried both. What happens with the hearing aid lights when you place it in the charger?

Normal - Orange when charging, green when charged. I think we’re getting too hung up on the charger vs the repeated restart issue. Have removed comments about Smartcharger from original post.

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How often are the restarts? I get a restart every once in awhile with my left More1 aid, it has started happening since the new companion app became available.

Almost immediate – 5-10 seconds. The aids are not wearable at the moment.

Then they need to be repaired or replaced. It maybe possible that your audiologist can do a reset and reprogram with the Gene2 software but I really don’t think so.

I’m assuming this will be the case. Figured I’d give it a shot to see if anyone else had seen this issue before.

Frustrating, as this the second time in a year that my left aid will need to be replaced. First one had a lot of issues 6 months in and it turns out the inside of the aid rusted out completely – very strange. And it’s been about another 6 months since the new one is having issues again. I’m honestly starting to wonder if Oticon is cycling refurbished aids as “new” to customers.

Not entirely related, but I had an identical problem with the Opn S1. It was replaced under warranty.