Oticon miniBTE: Ear hook swap to Thin tube

Does anyone know if this kind of conversion is possible?
( MIniBTEs like Nera/Nera2, Alta/Alta/2 where standard for thin tube is Corda miniFit 0.9mm)
I mean direct conversion by changing ear hok to Corda thin tube adapter.
The HA’s body in both versions seems to be identical.
I found that neither Ear hook or Corda tube adapter is available as DIY part (for older Oticons the adapter IS offered ).
Are they interchangeable? If yes, is this replacement possible only at Oticon’s service?
After spending hours on reserach and reading I have no clear answers to these questions.

Yes, you can replace the earhook with the Corda adapter. It’s part number 124381. This allows the use of thin tubes.

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Thank you. Of course this part number doesn’t exist publicly and it’s not surprising. I’ll try to order these parts or ask replacement.