Oticon Epoq XW

Hi. I just started a trial of Oticon Epoq XW hearing aids. My previous aids were Oticon Syncro. So far I have been a little disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much. The first problem immediately after programming was that all sounds boomed in my left ear, especially my own voice. My audi made a few adjustments, but I still feel like I’m hearing everything in my left ear. My own voice is way too loud and entirely on the left. I am hoping that a programming change can correct this problem, but I don’t know exactly what is wrong. If it can’t be fixed, then I can’t keep the hearing aids.

When listening to (rather loud) music, the hearing aids seem to muffle the sound or lower the volume periodically. It will stay that way for a few seconds and then go back to sounding loud and clear. I don’t like this at all and it needs to be changed. I listen to music every day.

The Streamer has been a bit disappointing as well. It only seems to work if I am wearing the lanyard around my neck. If I try to take it off, then the hearing aids start switching between programs and the sound cuts out. I was so happy when I switched from a neck loop to DAI boots with my old hearing aids. I hated having to wear something around my neck. This is a huge drawback with the Streamer. Also, when I’m using the Streamer with my iPod Nano (wired connection), the music sounds like it’s mostly on the left. This is probably related to the first problem. When I take my left hearing aid out, the music gets very soft. When I take the right hearing aid out, the music stays at about the same volume. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I would love to hear any comments or suggestions for another type of aid that I might be able to try before making a decision. Thanks.

StrayKatt, like you, I started a trial of the Epoq XW (Power RITE in my case) this week. My previous aids are Siemens (Signia - both BTE and CIC) that are 11 years old. Fortunately for me, I have not encountered any of the problems you have mentioned. My (short 4 day) experience is just the opposite of yours. My audi did start me as a level 3 user with a recent test result.

I found the Epoq XW to produce a very natural sound field, no booming lows and no irritating highs, just clear natural sounds that I haven’t heard in more than 40 years. I am even starting to get used to hearing my own voice again.

I use the streamer (short loop) for bluetooth cell phone (iPhone) and TV, and the sound for both sources is excellent in my opinion; music, even though it is mono, sounds better than ever, and seems to be perfectly balanced L to R.

My best guess that that your setup is incorrect, or possibly you have a hardware problem.

  • I seems to be a left right balance kind of problem.

  • Sounds like you need to get Speech mapping. I would say, make sure your audi sets both instruments using the SAME identities. Both are VAC instruments- so there should
    not be really anyissues.

  • If money allows, you might be able to use a amigo FM which can be even better for music

you are set @ step 3 because you are experience user. Remember to use as much as posible the VC either through the instrument or using streamer.
this instrument has VC learning

get the AGIL it substantially better

When is the Agil coming out? Is it next month? My audi didn’t mention that to me. If Oticon has a new aid coming out next month that is substantially better, then obviously I would want to hold off. Does anyone know anything about the Agil?

the figure is that is about 50% better in noisy situations. Most experience users
will let you know about this right away