Oticon Epoq XW

I had a appointment with my audiologist, he is recommending the Oticon Epoq XW. The price is $6800.00 for two. This seems awfully expensive. I was thinking of shopping around, but it costs money each time I do a test with a new audiologist. Does this seem to be a fair price? Or should I continue elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

I was quoted $6300 for BTE Epoch XW Power, plus $250 for Streamer.

I was quoted $6200 plus extra for the Streamer.

But to keep in mind, the quoted price includes all the services for the life of the hearing aids, outside of major repair costs. So it’s important that, whatever price or hearing aids you decide on, that you have an audiologist who is happy to have you come in as many times as you need for adjustments, tweaks, and questions, at no cost, for the life of the hearing aids. Some audiologists try to get away with just selling the HAs and doing little work afterwards.

No pair of hearing aids will be great if you walk out with them and never come back to adjust them or after your brain has been given time to adapt to them, as well. I would choose the audiologist as carefully as the hearing aids. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Wow your retail prices are very close to what we pay wholesale! Epoq’s regularly retail for AU$10 000 per pair over here!

where do you live

Thank you for answers. I am going to go try and go back to my original Audiologist I had 10 years ago and have him adjust my HA. This would be a good follow up for service, the HA have not been adjusted in years. I will see what he recommends for me. I think he is going to charge me for a hearing test of $61.00. I just wasn’t sure if any of you go to a few audiologists before making a decision. I live in California.

I was quoted 6000 with one year service and all supplies in Long Island, NY. Thereafter it’s $200 for service and insurance for loss or damage. The streamer is $450. Another place quoted me $5600 but was pushing me to get the Starkey S11 instead for the same price. Does anybody have any preferences of one over the other? Also, at the first place if I return them I have to pay 10% restocking fee. Is that too high?

I live in the Los Angeles area and had quotes between $6,000 to $6,800 for Epoq XW heaing aids. My son is in college. I purchased the hearing aids this summer from the audiologist/owner of business offering them at $6,000 because the audiologist/owner was highly recommended by a friend. Everything went well the first 30 days, the audiologist is well qualified.
During my son’s trial period the audiologist/owner hired an associate who is not familiar with the Oticon products and the audiologist/owner has decided to cut back his hours and is not available Thursday afternoons and on Fridays. Now, the problem is I am looking for a new audiologist for my son which will add to the purchase cost.
My son’s college class schedule this semester only has Thursday and Friday afternoons open.
The only advice I can give is get as many recommendations as you can and see several audiologist. We saw three and are looking for a new audiologist.
The Oticon Epox XW is a good product.

I live in SF Bay Area and hearing tests are free. Or at least I haven’t come across someone who charges for a hearing test. Also by state law I believe you you have a 30 day 100% refund trial, unless you agree to pay for something extra such as custom molds.

In Amarillo TX last year I paid $5700 for the two XW’s with a 2 year warranty. That has included all the visits I want.

I do not have the streamer and after reading reviews here, I’m not sure I’m going to get it. A different audiologist is not giving me a trial on the streamer- they program it, I buy it, period. I’m going to shop on the streamer, maybe going back to my original guy. I really don’t use the phone that much and I’ve got to hear the streamer with my mp3 player first.

I paid $5700 for the pair and it include all exams and service for the next 2 years including batteries. I added the streamer for $300 and was out the door for $6000 on the nose.

Ah…finally something is cheaper in NY ! :- )

I have a pair w Streamer for sale for alot less, please reply to deppepc@sbcglobal.net

You mentioned that your son is in college. When I was a graduate student I was determined eligible for State VocRehab because I was unemployed and looking for work. I was again found eligible when I was on unpaid maternity leave. Your state may cover some or all of the cost of hearing aids and assistive listening devices for your son.

Just for fun I converted my selling price from pounds to dollars: a pair of Epoq XW is £2420 => $3930 … for a pair!

good pricing… do you think Oticon will release their new top end instrument?

Thats one reason i decided to stay with my Audi who does not deal with Oticon regularly, as i would have paid the op’s prices to get a XW.
I found that i do not want to play with the high maintenance (Generally speaking) in -the -ear receivers anyway .
Most businesses in my area never have Oticon and Phonak readily dealed under one roof.
Currently demoing Naida SP V with slimtubes/slimtips.