Oticon Epoq & Streamer

I just thought I would let everyone know about the experience I had with Dr. Travis Rigby of Rexburg Idaho and the Oticon Epoq and blue tooth streamer.

Its been silly! After countless hours of dealing with poor customer service, I finally picked up my hearing aid on the 18th. Yesterday (one day later) the volume fluctuated wildly and the streamer which can blue tooth to a cell phone quit altogether. Now I am out of over $2000 with nothing to show for it.

I have registered a complaint with the BBB, Oticon, and the Bureau of Occupational Licenses. But I doubt anything will happen.

Wish me luck …

$2000… for everything? Did you buy your HAs and Streamer off some sort of black market??

Please do some research and learn about the HAs that you purchased. Many of the top of the line aids can fluctuate volume and sound quality “wildly” as the HA adjust to, and learns, the various environments your wearing them in. After the aids go thru a self-adjusting period they “learn” what they are supposed to do, and the transitions become less noticeable if at all noticeable. Your aids may be behaving exactly as they are supposed to!

Bluetooth is not the most reliable protocol ever used. Bluetooth is good, but there is a learning curve for the user. Please take the time to learn what your aids and Bluetooth devices are supposed to do, and how to use them. Expect a period of adjustment for you with your HAs and for your hearing aids to learn your preferences. If you haven’t worn HAs or have only worn analog HAs in the past, this will probably be a unique experience for you.

All reputable HA dispensers offer a trial period. If your dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return them for purchase price or purchase price less restocking fee. This should have been discussed prior to your purchasing the instruments.

I do wish you luck - because you will find it’s a rare case that someone finds a high end, full featured HA, pops it in their ear, and never looks back.

Black Market, what? I believe I said “Over $2000” . Further, I got just one, not two. The original price quote was $2500 for the one.

CCVickers, I am not new to hearing aids, I’ve had them since I was 15 years old, I am now over 45 years old. How old are you?

Further, there is no excuse for a blue tooth streamer to quit after 1 day. When I tried to reach the dealer yesterday, they were closed. Apparently out fishing.

Here is my take on this … Doctors who are dealers are representatives of the brands they sell. If Oticon is selling inferior (factory seconds) to dealers at a reduced price, that only hurts everyone. I dont know if thats the case, but why would everything fail after only a few hours? Like I said, Im not new to hearing aids, and certainly not new to good customer service. I know shotty equipment and poor customer service when I experience it.

I have written Oticon and got an email that they may return my email request within a week or two. GREAT! Need I say more? What would good customer service be?

by law they cant sell used hearing aids. this is the info i was told

Silly Question, but is your streamer fully charged as it will operate for the day only if bluetooth was active? If it was I am sure Dr. Travis will happely replace or repair the streamer for you at no charge. What happened prior to you getting the aids to make you believe you got poor service as we are only seeing that the streamer has failed and you reacting strongly?

As far as the streamer is concerned, ya, I charged it fully the night after I got it. Then, when it didnt work the next day, I repaired it to the hearing aid, which was successful, and also to my cell phone. The problem is that it looses its pairing. On the phone, this display shows it loosing connecting with the unit. Also, the volume control on the streamer only works, just as radomly, to the hearing aid. This makes me believe that the Blue Tooth in the streamer is the problem.

I’ve had very poor service from Travis over the last month. I don’t wish to air that laundry list out here, he admits that he has failed. I gave him a second chance after he agreed to resolve the BBB complaint that I filed. But, it is what it is. I’m going to return the entire system tomorrow and get an appointment for another doctor.

Also, dont forget that I also mentioned that the volume on the hearing aid is fluctuating.

Finding another Audi that works with you and the way you want is probably your best option. Good luck with your search and thank you for sharing.

Just an update, I went in to see Travis (and took a day off for it) and he had no explanation for the volume going up and down. But decided to try and program something new to help it (shot in the dark). I’ve given up on trying to be happy with it - it is what it is - Oticon POS. I dont have the time or money to get another doctor. Someday maybe I will.

He ordered another Streamer. How I am going to be able to get it from him is another mystery as I work during the week in another town.

I told him how disappointed I was, all he could say was that he can only change the future. My reply was… “what about the present?”

BBB complaint stands.

I’ve had my epoc’s and streamer a few months. I’m fourty something years of age, and been wearing aids since i was old enough not to eat them. and this is my fourth set of digital aids. I am not in the business in any way, matter, shape , or form.
I paid $5500 for mine with the streamer. Sound quality, by themselves the epoq is the best i’ve ever had. i can actually listen to my car radio with the top down. My previous ones (widex diva) i just had to turn off from the wind noise. I can now also converse with my wife when we drive with the top down or window open.
My ability to communicate with people is by far the best ever. and i can now wear sunglasses normally due to size and shape of the aid, with the in ear reciever.
the programming really is awesome. it DOES fluctuate up and down in volume dependent on circumstances. It took a month or so to get used to, but is very beneficial to me, since i can usually set and forget the aids.
There are rare circumstances that confuse the aids, like i was is a boutique hotel in Miami, where in the lounge area, they played slow music with heavy bass. the aid kept trying to compensate for the changes. from the quiet passages in between, and intermittent loud thump.I am going to ask my audiologist to add a ‘music program’ that doesn’t have volume compensation or compression, for music listening. somehow turning my head slightly made the problem go away. i haven’t figured out why yet.
The Streamer, sigh, is another story.It’s like a movie that’s almost great, but is disappointing because it’s simply good, and you know with a little more effort it could definitely be a winner. I wish i could open it and see why it’s so big, I should be able to control my TV with it given it’s size. The device is mono, there’s no reason it can’t be stereo, by simply adding another inductive circuit, being they are digital, and assigned.this hurts sound quality when listening to music through it. Music quality is barely tolerable, such as useful when mowing the lawn in mute mode. although it’s a definate improvement when my boss is in lecture mode, and i don’t have any wires to give away that I’m smiling because I’m listening to something nice. The streamer is the main reason i bought the oticons. The reason i didn’t give them back was the quality of the aids. Mostly I wanted the streemer for motorcycle riding. so i can listen to music without tangling myself in wires whipping around in the wind, which at 65 mph can have a bit of a sting. my previous answer was dei booties, on the diva’s. which actually wasn’t too bad musicly. and oddly the best was having taken a pair of rather cheap ear bud’s and removed the speaker elements and glued between two pieces of rubber shaped to sit aside the aids, behind my ear , in telecoil mode. But for the electrical engine noise of the bikes, and their tendency to move out of position sometimes…
cellphone wise, they are pretty good, a big advantage to finding a bluetooth that works well with aids. it’s nice to have it onboard, but i am not always amused by the wonderment of how far we’ve progressed from the hang on your chest aids of 50 yr ago.

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My advice, probably need to learn to adapt to the new technology, unless you hear a ‘beep’ when the volume changes, that’s a malfunction.
the audiologist might not have a lot of experience with programming this aid, might want to talk to oticon about sending you elsewhere.
if all else fails, sell them on e-bay, at what you paid you’ll make money.


my hear aid people in south jersey expected me to pay (over $6,000), pop in the aid, and never look back! When i asked questions before i received the aids, they offered my $300 deposit back, took offence, and said i just HAD to trust them if i wanted their aids- which unfortunatly I did.

Sounds like a severe case of personal incompatibility.

Find a new dispenser.