Oticon Epoq, Streamer

Hello I have 2 Oticon Epoqs, and a streamer, and when i am listening to music, and when i look away from what i am listening to (such as an iPod) the music turns off, is this because the hearing aids are bidirectional, or because of something else? It does it whether i have it plugged in directly, or via Bluetooth.

The Streamer is on version 1.3

Have a look here http://www.oticonusa.com/Oticon/Professionals/professional_products/Streamer.html in order to chek if you pass the range of your streamer.

Current version is 1.4 and you need to upgrade if you are using the new Connectline Microphone. βαρηκοΐα - hearing loss: Oticon ConnectLine NEW Microphone

This is likely an issue in the radio communication between the streamer and your instruments. I have the same symptoms with my agil pros.

anything i can do to correct the problem?

I recall that the streamer comes with 2 different interchangeable neck loops- use the shorter of them. The longer one leaves the streamer too far from your ears.

If you are already using the shorter one, there may be a bigger problem and it’s time to get your audiologist involved. I had more of this trouble with my right than my left. I had it sent in and when it returned it was as good as the left.

Just a lil update, We need to have the Streamer updated to 1.4, my fiancee is also having weird bluetooth isues between her cell phone and the streamer whenever a message comes in (its a smart phone) I’m hoping the update fixes that.