Oticon Duals won't stay in ear

Have been back to audiologist twice. I have the plastic thingy’s inserted in my ears and they won’t stay in. I had custom molds made. Are domes an option? I’m going back to the audiologist tomorrow. Thanks

If you already have custom molds being made why worry about domes?

The plastic “plugs” won’t stay in my ears. I have tried two different ones made from custom molds. I’m thinking that domes might be better in this case? Maybe they would stay in because they go in further? I didn’t know that domes existed until I began searching around on the net. Thank you for your reply.

I have the duals with the plus domes and the ear grips and I am not having any problems now.

“Duals with the plus domes and the ear grips”…I’ll have to mention this to the audiologist tomorow. I’ve never heard of ear grips before. How do they work?

Incidently, I find that the Duals improved my hearing…now if only I can keep them in my ears somehow. Thank you for your reply.

take a look at this link

take a look at page 13

Thank you cvkemp - that manual has all the information needed. Now I have to decide along with the audio person if a dome is better for my ears than a “plug” arrangement. As I said, I’ve had two different plugs and neither one would stay in the ear. Seems to me a dome is warranted…we’ll see. Thanks again.

Glad to help

The receiver tubing can be heated up and manipulated too for better fit. Discuss it with your provider though…do not do it yourself.

Duals are awesome.

I don’t know if you have the RITE micro molds, if so then you can have two different lengths of them I think, the longer ones are better for making them staying in and also for feedback. Another way to make the molds sit properly is to make them mat (matte). Then you will also feel sweat less.

Well, I went in to see the provider today. She made new custom molds. In the meantime I’m wearing a dome setup. Now I’m having a problem keeping the ear grips in place. Maybe I don’t need the ear grips. Any opinions on that? Are the ear grips necessary? Every once in awhile I see the ear grips sticking out of my ears, but the domes are still in place and I can hear OK. Thank you for your replies.

I guess I should have said the provider ordered new ear molds. She squirted some silicon into my ears for a mold…will send those in for new ear molds. She says that I am borderline for going either way with earmolds or domes. Right now I’m wearing domes until the new ear molds come in. I like the feel of the domes better, except the ear grips keep popping out. Does everybody have as much trouble as I am having? lol Thank you.

From what I know the grips can take a little time to conform to the shape of your ear. Also it is possible that the grips or either to short or long and not setting correctly. I have heard a frient of mine say he as having problems getting the grips in place. I guess I have been lucky they just seem to fall right in place for me.