Oticon Dual Connect Xw

I got to say the Widex Mind440 m4-m-CB are a great Hearing Aid. The very best of the Widex Line ! That being said ,Bluetooth is the next BATTLEFIELD !

I love the Widex Mind440 m4-m-CB sound but i just had a real life definition on what A Bluetooth hearing aid can do in a Oticon Dual Connect XW .


I sat down in a place that has 12 foot ceilings ! A 55 inch TV is 40 feet away and 8 feet off the floor Blarring the Washington / Pittsburg Hockey game . Not that it is enough as it is but the PA has competing music playing at the same time and i am surrounded by people all talking at the same time . I got too say i am in trouble ! Very Big trouble since i really do not understand anything off that TV and that thing is Cranked ! Thank God i can carry a conversation on with those close too me . Then the most Flippin Amazin thing happened !! Those XW did what i call a MINI BOOT about 15 or 20 minutes later and reprogrammed themselves. All i can say is that everthing came together and i heard everything !!! THAT IS WHAT I CALL THE MONEY SHOT !!! YES THE MONEY SHOT !

The Widex Mind440 m4-m-CB on a purest level for a hearing aid have great sound. However the OTICON DUAL CONNECT XW turning point for me was when the XW pulled that one off . That Was Just Totally SICK ! I got to think the Widex Mind440 m4-m-CB are a tremendously improved hearing aid compared too what came before them but the OTICON DUAL CONNECT XW are the future.

Heh. So, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel!

Glad you’ve had such a nice epiphany. Oticon makes some good products.

it is a good product, what is exciting is that eventually they will have
a very resonable price in time…

"That Was Just Totally SICK ! "

The deal is done and i paid for the aids so the trial is over for me . There is no looking back from here on in. I told my Audi that i was glad that i came to a final decision and i have absolutely no second guessing on my choice. I explained why to him and that only reaffirmed to him what he had been told by the Oticon Area Rep.

The big thing for me is the simplicity. I have only a master program and that is it. I rely totally that the XW’s will do everything Automatic like an Automatic Transmission in a car.

The main complaint that is being worked on right now is i am having a micro mold made. The left ear needs a more precise fit for feedback and the RIC also has a tendency to back it’s way out of my ear.

Other than that i will post when i can a more comprehensive review of the Oticon’s and Widex’s i have trialed.

are you getting the landline and tv solution (conectline)
if so please post your review

First of all, I wonder why the moderator hasn’t moved this thread out of the bluetooth section and into the digital aid section?

You said the Duals performed a “mini-boot” and “reprogrammed themselves”. Do you think that what actually happened was they switched to a speech in noise program that your audi setup for you? Seems unlikely that they would reprogramm themselves for every dramatic noise situation they encounter.

Also, once you returned to a quieter setting how did they perform?

epoq, just like any high end instrument has something call lifelearning or
VC learning, it is possible that is what is happening… Epoq, has defined
9 diferent options for VC learning… Unfortunately for the Audi, it is not
possible to have access for those VC controls.

I think, GN has VC that could be tweak by the audi (they caller enviomental adapter or something like that)

A little background information on the above. Before entering this place i had spent the day at home,did some shopping and spent time driving around with the stereo on.

In other words nothing real eventful and the transition from one place to another moves seemlessly with the OTICON DUAL CONNECT XW’s. In other words i guess nothing was out of place and thus there was no real need for any extreme sound changes from the aids as they communcated with each other via bluetooth.

Now when i stepped into this public meeting place the sound enviroment changed in a drastic way. The Duals then took their measurements/ audio cues over time and then put a completely new program in place . One in which i could understand everything taking place at that time and place.

I have the Dual Connect XWs . . . I’ve had it for sometime now and I have the Streamer as well. I have 3 programs for different type situations but never really use them. The HA does not seem to make any adjustments that I can tell and never rebooted as you described. (I had these for 4 months now so they have had lots of time for “life learning”.)

I’ve been in quiet offices, loud restaurants, convention centers, movies, etc. and I think they just stay programmed as programmed unless I change anything using the Streamer for programs or volume.

I do use the Streamer for my cell and computer.

What you are describing I’ve not experienced and would love to know why or how to enable.

Actually i was not really trying to say that these “Rebooted” . Since you have a pair of these the only Reboot we get is when we turn the aids off and then on. Mine chimes on the Reboot but i guess you can have that chime sound changed if you want by your Audi .

What i was really trying to describe was like a beep/churp or two and then a definite reset of program (not a reboot). Now mind you i have used these for a grand total of one month. I had taken a one to two week break recently to try another brand of aid. The XW’s sat at the Audi’s office during that time . Recently (last 10 days) i gave the XW’s a second look/chance too see what my final choice would be.

I am pretty sure by now i have gone through the “life learning” cycle but i was also told that these do continue a cycle of learning that was not completely explained to me by Oticon .

I am sure that you have heard these beeps/churps " islanderbaw " at various times. Namely the sound we get from our aids when we link up to our cell phone using the streamer . I also experience these churps at various times during the XW’s use . Now thats not go off the rail here because this does not happen every minute or hour of the day. However it can happen a few times in a day or not at all in a day and i do experience an audio change after this.

Again let me reconfirm that these XW’s do MOVE SEEMLESSLY from one enviroment to another but from time to time in my experience they also jump into learned programs ( a series of beeps/churps ) automatically without any guidence from me. I have just one program ( master or is it learning ) unlike your three . Just guessing but everytime you change one of these programs manually you do hear a series of beeps/churps not unlike what i am trying to discribe.

Dual Connects are Bluetooth Hearing Aids ?

There is no special programming done by my Audi on these. Just one program that i believe has been called " Life Learning ".

As to the " reprogram themselves for …" Perhaps the above post better discibes what i was trying to say ?