Oticon Delta

Hi. I know there has been some mention of these aids in other postings, but I haven’t read any that give an extensive review of them. I am new to hearing aids. I am 30 years old with moderate loss in both ears (difficulty with high tones). My audiologist said that 95% of the people she fit with the Deltas are extrememly pleased. I like the look of them and the fact that they are discreet. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks

I have experience fitting tons of delta,
they are great instruments… I personally like the 4000 as they have a balance between cost and performance…

If your hearing loss is in the fitting range you should do quite fine…

Thanks for the information. Do you think there is any benefit to the Delta 8000?

yes it has more features like datalogging, split directionality etc etc
i would demo the 4000 and the 8000 and send me your comments…
if the price difference is worth… the benefits

I am going to my audiologist in the next couple of weeks. I will try them out and let you know what I think. Thanks again for the information. I really appreciate it.

I started off demo’ing the Oticon Delta 6000’s which are a step up from the 4000’s. I then demo’ed the 8000’s which I found to be better for me than the 6000’s. I ended up buying the 8000’s because with them I am able to understand speech better in noisy situations. Also to me all sounds are much more natural sounding with the 8000’s. The sounds are very similar to wearing no hearing aids at all except that I hear much better…that’s what I mean by more natural sounding.

Before these aids I wore Oticon CIC’s for about seven years. I would highly recommend the Delta’s over the CIC’s.

I paid $6100 for a pair of 8000’s. That includes all fitting, adjustments and batteries for the life of the aids. Expensive but I now hear much better and would hate to have to go back to what I had before.

Your results may vary so be sure to demo anything you are interested in first and return them before the trial period is over if you are not satisfied. I am very happy with the Oticon Delta 8000’s.

did you try the epoq rite?

Not sure if you are asking me or the original poster but no, I did not try the epoq rite.

Ok, y’all…I’ve skimmed through quite a few posts.
I’ve been wearing HA’s for more than 30 yrs. I’m going to an Audi on 2/20/08. My last pair are Widex Diva’s ITE about 3 years ago. My hearing loss is Severe/Profound. They we’re great in the beginning but now I’m missing too much and I work in retail sales so it’s more and more a problem. It kinda sucks when I spent about $5000 and I need to replace already!
About 6 months ago I went to a Audi and he said they are cranked all the way up and could not be adjusted. Do you experts know if it’s possible they could be “tuned up” or something to get them to how they were working originally?
That being said, it seems very confusing to know which brand to go with. There is so many good things said about the different brands. I tend to get the top of the line because of my work. But reading some of the post, I wonder, do I really need that. I’m not really in a financial position to spend $5000-6000 for a set but will if I have too because I could lose sales because I didn’t hear what the customer said.
I really like the idea of HA’s having Bluetooth ready because of cell, MP3, etc… but at $400 xtra per aid, OUCH! For some of you that have Bluetooth, is it really worth it?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks for sharing the experience. I am going to demo the 8000’s and see how they work for me. Speech is the most frustrating for me right now and although they are expensive, I dont want to cut corners where my hearing is concerned.

Thanks again for the info.

tune up— Serious doubt it…

for severe to profund range there isnt much to choose from,
I would stick to Either Oticon or Phonak…
Try the Naidia or the Sumo DM,…

What would you say if price wasn’t an object?

oticon sumo dm or phonak naidia (this should be quite good)

I’m a 50 y.o. lady with hereditary hearing loss. Finally decided to get H.A.'s because I’m facing the possibility of relocating and finding/keeping a new job would be difficult. Also my mom (remember hereditary?) needs someone to set an example as a success story with H.A.'s

My insurance pays 80% of cost. Chose 6000s since mid-range units seem to fit my needs and budget. I have a 60 day trial period. Also batteries for the life of the unit. Original quoted price was $2200 each for the 6000s. Went back two weeks later and price came down to $1800 each. The 8000s cost $2500 each. I’m thinking about trying the 8000s since they would cost me incrementally $280 for the pair. Any thoughts?

One other question about changing batteries - when one unit is beeping at me to change the battery, should I change one at a time or both at the same time.

Thanks in advance for replies.

they have minor differences…

If I got so suggest something, wait 2 weeks for the epoq V

and get them… Or the Vigo rite

If U can wait go for the 6000

It would appear that the Delta 8000 have more going for them than the Epoq v, regarding speech in noisy environments, etc.

The VigoPRo seem to have all the bells and whistles

the vigo pro is superior than everything except epoq

Which Epoq ? Or the entire Epoq line (including the “v”") beats the Vigo Pro.

I am going to demo a Epoq V, in a couple of days, currently trying a Delta 6000.
My Audi says to try the Epoq v over the Delta 8000. I said I wanted the Vigo Pro to try. She said, try the Epoq v…i may be surprised plus it cost way less.

vigo pro is superior to anything else except Epoq V, Epoq W and Epoq XW

i would not be surprise if

  1. you feel no difference between epoq V and Vigo pro
  2. Epoq V it is supposely an instrument similar to vigo but with earstream capabilities @ aroung 25% epoq W (if epoq W is index 100)