Oticon Delta

I’m looking for a user of one of the three Oticon Delta digital hearing aids.

A. Your general comments, complaints and recommendations.
B. If applicable, did it help mask the ringing in your ears?


reply from first respondent: I tried out the Delta 8000 a few months ago.

I found them to be very powerful.

I really liked the directional receivers, I went to a music concert
and I could pick out a voice just by looking at the singer.

I have fitted a great deal of deltas,
one thing i have to tell you upfront is that
the batery last for 5 days more or less and
some customers do get annoy by these.
Generaly i sell either the 4000 or 8000, bear in mind there are other good options, audeo, pulse (i like this) or even the new brite
which i would think is a copy of delta