Oticon Delta 6000 - Adjustments

My wife is deaf in one ear and has been using an Oticon 6000 for a little over a year. The only adjustments her audiologist has made is to the volume. The audi has told her that is the only adjustment that she can do to the HA. Is this right:( ? Can any adjustments be made to 6 audio channels the Delta has:confused: ? Any info on this will be greatly appreciated.



seems like a case for REM, they only real way to confirm audibility is using speech mapping. With this test, you can verify what percentance of speech
is AUDIBLE and in fact you get to see how much benefit she gets out of the HI.

you can also change the identities, make the instrument faster or slower…
a faster instrument would improve speech cues but will sacrifice confort.
you need to first check for audibility using speech mapping

Thanks Xbulder. We got a new audiologist who chedked my wifes hearing and adjusted her 6000 and it’s working great for her. I am testing a set of Oticon Epoq WX’s. I will also be testing a set of Widex Inteos.