Oticon delta 4000


I am in the process of testing an oticon delta 4000. I find it very loud. is this normal and will i get used of it. The doc says that its already down at the lowest volume but the sounds are very sharp and crystal. What do other people think of the delta 4000?

delta has an adaptation manager ask him to set in 1
which is a very gentle setting,
Also if the aid is still loud, ask him to change the identity
sometimes this makes a hughe difference.
I have fitted tons of 4000 with much sucess, ladies love the pink ones!


The Delta’s are great. They are very well designed, the software is simple yet robust, and patients love them. Especially the pink ones for breast cancer awareness month.

In fact, Oticon is contributing a percentage of every Delta sold during the month for breast cancer awareness month.

They can be a little sharp in the beginning if they are set to adaptation manager setting 2 or even 3.

While I really like delta, i think it is time for a little up date

  1. Autophone, or t coil
  2. either bigger batery or rechargable battery
  3. a control for multiple programs, music program , etc
  4. A remote control to enable functions such as lifelearning, etc…
    is there anything Im missing?


thanks for the replies. much appreciated.

For those types of features, the Phonak Audeo/Savia Art’s are great.

Otherwise, for those who don’t need the music programs, or the need to manually operate programs, the Oticon Delta’s work great.

I too tested the 4000’s and found the same problem that you describe. The three Oticon offices that I visited all did not recommend the 4000 because of that very issue. I then tested the 6000 and 8000. The 6000 was in line with my needs while the 8000 was overkill. Now, money wise I found the Oticon’s rather expensive. In the end I went with Beltone’s Digital Edge 2 for my high frequency hearing loss.

I published a more detailed thread regarding my entire shopping experience. Here is a link - http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=1423

Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

Oticon is expensive, it is one of the few hearing companies which manufacture it aids mostly in Denmark and a bit in australia,
their cost is in Euros and in light of the recent exchange rate movent
Oticon will not be cheap in the near future…

GN on the other hand is manufacture in CHINA and it is export in US$, hence it is cheaper… Generally GN had not been regarded as the most innovative
hearing aid company. Nevertheless, it should be given credit for most of the development of the Open acoustic products… The natural directionality is the first propietary concept I have seen from them that is completly novel…

Regarding their equipment (madsen/ Otometrics) i really like them, Most of my instrumentation are from them they are cool looking!

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Do us, or me, a favor and just come clean xbulder. Whenever someone makes a particular recommendation you are there johnny on the spot to analyze it to the nth degree. At times it seems that you have a hidden agenda and that possibly you are covertly attempting to influence respondents away from particular brands.

xbulder, you are a fitter, sales rep or some such person. There is nothing at all wrong with being one of those except honesty is always the best policy. Identify yourself to clear the air.

Your reply should be interesting, to say the least.

I think our professionals including our professional you are referring to offer great insight for all of us, both consumers and professionals.

It has always been my intention that this forum provide unbiased opinions and I will absolutely block anyone who uses this forum to promote their own company, particularly if they are affiliated with a particular manufacturer.

In this case, if you look at the recommendations and really understand the business, I believe his/her recommendations are very accurate. This is based on my own observations and immersion in the hearing aid industry for the last 8 years.

Of course, it is up to you to form your own opinions and beliefs. Yet, I would appreciate it if we can keep this forum very civilized and respectful of each other and their opinions.

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Dear Lunar
I like the forum alot and I like to contribute as much as possible. If you look closer at my posts, I have always suggest to look for the best answers and to look for what makes sense for each person. I have been fitting hearing aids a bit over 10 yrs ago and I have follow a lot the industry. I do not use the forum in any way to convice to people to buy hearing aids from this or that brand… Again I have always stated what is out there. I like to think that some coments may have lead people to look for the right buying desicitions
nomatter what the brand of the aid is. I think that is the spirit of the forum.

I appreciate your comments Admin.


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Thank you for your insight and obvious dedication to the welfare of this forums participants.

"To the Administration, Members and Guests of this forum.

It was not my intent to discredit this forum or any participant. I sincerely regret any inconvenience that may have been caused by my comments.

Thank You,

I am very new to the world of hearing aids and certainly appreciate the info provided by xbulder and others. It has been extremely valuable in my decision to finally do something about my poor hearing.

I cannot imagine anyone not realizing that xbulder is in the HA biz. He is very open about it and provides info on many brands, even those he doesn’t sell.

Please note that I have edited my regrets reply. As you can see there is no further mention of asking for hearing professionals to identify themselves. I have sincerely expressed my regrets and as I am sure you can understand debating this matter further would simply be counter-productive.

In closing, xbulder is a valuable contributor to this forum and I applaud him for sharing his expertise with us.


thanks for the lines, I appreciate this much. I will try to always present information in a matter that is usefull for people to seek what is in their best interested, independently of what I dispense and Like…

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You are very welcome.

I stated earlier that I had removed a portion of my post inwhich I recommended that professional HA participating in this forum id themselves. I have made that edit but for some unknown reason the original reply remains intact. Please excuse this glitch.