Oticon Connetclip lost connection

Good morning everyone, I hope I can explain why I don’t speak English. I apologize in advance.

Use to connect the Oticon More 1 prosthesis to the desk phone with the Oticon Connetclip.

I have to do a pairing with the prosthesis and a pairing with the phone.
The pairing with the phone is unstable, the pairing with the hearing aid stops after a few days.
In the sense that after 3 seconds it disconnects from the prosthesis even if the phone call continues and I can only hear it on the handset of the landline phone or with the speakerphone.

So I have to take the second Connectclip in my possession to redo the pairing with the hearing aid, otherwise I would have to reset the first with the Genie to be able to do it again.
And this happens to me ALWAYS! Changing Connetclip also resumes the anomaly.

Furthermore, when I talk to the iPhone, if the connetclip is on and a call arrives at the landline, the prosthesis-iPhone connection is disconnected up to more than 3 seconds after it stops ringing.

I state that both the Connetclip and the oticon More 1 prostheses are updated to the latest firmware.

Do you also have this kind of problem?


Oticon officially recommends you turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone when using the ConnectClip. I received this information from their user support phone number.

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